Journal of Contemporary History 55 (2020), 4

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Journal of Contemporary History 55 (2020), 4
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London [u.a.] 2020: Sage Publications
Quarterly: January, April, July, October



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Wolff, Sarah



Politics, Networks and Community: Recruitment for the International Brigades Reassessed
Fraser Raeburn

Criminalized Liaisons: Soviet Women and Allied Sailors in Wartime Arkhangel’sk
Liudmila Novikova

Burning the Archive, Building the State? Politics, Paper, and US Power in Postwar Mexico
Thomas Rath

Claiming National Heritage: State Appropriation of Nazi Art Plunder in Postwar Western Europe
Elizabeth Campbell

‘Sufficient Reinforcements Overseas’: British PostWar Troops' Recruiting Policy in Nigeria, 1945–53
Emmanuel Nwafor Mordi

Industrial and Chinese: Exhibiting Mao’s China at the Leipzig Trade Fairs
Jennifer Altehenger

Outfoxing the Eagle: Soviet, East European and Cuban Involvement in Nicaragua in the 1980s
Radoslav Yordanov

Review Article

When the Fires Were Lit: Anti-Jewish Violence in Eastern Europe, 1917–45
Jan Burzlaff

Book Reviews

James Vernon, Modern Britain: 1750 to the Present. The Cambridge History of Modern Britain
Charlie Lynch

Silvia Salvatici, A History of Humanitarianism, 1755–1989: In the Name of Others
Maria Cullen

Tom Hulme, After the Shock City: Urban Culture and the Making of Modern Citizenship
Sarah Kenny

Ingrid E. Castro and Jessica Clark, Representing Agency in Popular Culture: Children on Page, Screen, and in Between
Emily Gallagher

W.W.J. Knox and A. McKinlay, Jimmy Reid: A Clyde Built Man
Paul Griffin

Bernhard Dietz, Neo-Tories: The Revolt of British Conservatives against Democracy and Political Modernity (1929–1939)
Kit Kowol

Lucia Allais, Designs of Destruction: The Making of Monuments in the Twentieth Century
William Carruthers

Matthew Hughes, Britain’s Pacification of Palestine: The British Army, the Colonial State, and the Arab Revolt, 1936–1939
Giora Goodman

Charles Forsdick and Christian Høgsbjerg, eds, The Black Jacobins Reader
Christienna Fryar

Christina Morina and Krijn Thijs, eds, Probing the Limits of Categorization: The Bystander in Holocaust History
Gergely Kunt

Gemma Romain, Race, Sexuality and Identity in Britain and Jamaica: The Biography of Patrick Nelson, 1916–1963
Katie Donington

Dan Healey, Russian Homophobia from Stalin to Sochi
Claire Shaw

Jack Saunders, Assembling Cultures: Workplace Activism, Labour Militancy and Cultural Change in Britain’s Car Factories, 1945–82
Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite

Jack Omer-Jackaman, The Impact of Zionism and Israel on Anglo-Jewry’s Identity 1948–1982: Caught Somewhere Between Zion and Galut
James R. Vaughan

Simon Pirani, Burning Up. A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption
Marta Musso

Natasha Goldman, Memory Passages. Holocaust Memorials in the United States and Germany
Diana Popescu

Rob Waters, Thinking Black: Britain, 1964–1985
John Narayan

Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite, Class, Politics, and the Decline of Deference in England, 1968–2000
Guy Ortolano

Vladimir Kulić, ed., Second World Postmodernisms: Architecture and Society under Late Socialism
Marcus Colla

Guy Ortolano, Thatcher’s Progress. From Social Democracy to Market Liberalism through an English New Town
Iker Itoiz Ciáurriz

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