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Isis 112 (2021), 3




United States
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Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



An Epidemic for Sale: Observation, Modification, and Commercial Circulation of the Danysz Virus, 1890–1910
Lukas Engelmann
S. 439-460.

Rethinking Collaboration: Medical Research and Working Relationships at the Iranian Pasteur Institute
Elise K. Burton
S. 461-483.

Mistress of the Sciences, Asylum of Liberty: Joseph Priestley, Human Rights, and Science in the Early U.S. Republic
Paul Rubinson
S. 484-506.

A “Wild Swing to Phantsy”: The Philosophical Gardener and Emergent
Experimental Philosophy in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World
Vera Keller
S. 507-530.

The Truth Within: Making Medical Knowledge in the Hay Fever Association of Heligoland, 1899–1909
Ylva Söderfeldt
S. 531-547.

Underground Inspirations: Tuber Sciences and Their Histories
Francesca Bray
S. 548-563.


History of Science Society Virtual Forum, 2020
S. 564-572.

HSS Virtual Forum: Futures Series
Patrícia Martins Marcos, Sarah E. Naramore, Myrna Perez Sheldon, Sarah Pickman, Sarah A. Qidwai, and Kathleen Sheppard
S. 573-581.


Eloge: Howard P. Segal (1948–2020)
Alan I Marcus
S. 582-583.

Letter to the Editor

Steffen Ducheyne
S. 584-584.

John Henry
S. 584-585.


Crafting Digital Histories of Science: A Review and Tour of Secrets of Craft and Nature in Renaissance France
Lan A. Li
S. 586-589.

book reviews

Jane L. Stevens Crawshaw; Irena Benyovsky Latin; Kathleen Vongsathorn, eds. Tracing Hospital Boundaries: Integration and Segregation in Southeastern Europe and Beyond, 1050–1970.
Leslie Topp
S. 590-591.

Lara Freidenfelds. The Myth of the Perfect Pregnancy: A History of Miscarriage in America.
Cassia Roth
S. 591-592.

Jaipreet Virdi. Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures in History.
Beth Linker
S. 592-593.

Sebastian Vehlken. Zootechnologies: A Media History of Swarm Research.
Kristoffer Whitney
S. 594-595.

Andrew Jewett. Science under Fire: Challenges to Scientific Authority in Modern America.
Donovan O. Schaefer
S. 595-596.

Hermann Hunger; John Steele. The Babylonian Astronomical Compendium
Alexander Jones
S. 597-598.

Dag Nikolaus Hasse; Amos Bertolacci, eds. The Arabic, Hebrew and Latin
Reception of Avicenna’s Physics and Cosmology.
Nicola Polloni
S. 598-599.

Hanif Ghalandari. ʿAbd al-Jabbār al-Kharaqī’s Muntaha al-Idrāk fī Taqāsīm al-Aflāk (Ultimate Comprehension of the Subdivision of Celestial Spheres: The First Comprehensive hay’a Work on Ptolemaic Cosmology).
Amir-Mohammad Gamini
S. 599-600.

Nikolaus Egel, ed. Roger Bacon, Opus Tertium.
Yael Kedar
S. 600-602.

Francesco Paolo de Ceglia. The Body of Evidence: Corpses and Proofs in Early Modern European Medicine.
Ádám Mézes
S. 602-603.

Christian K. Kleinbub. Michelangelo’s Inner Anatomies.
Kira Robison
S. 603-604.

Frances E. Dolan. Digging the Past: How and Why to Imagine
Seventeenth-Century Agriculture.
Barbara Hahn
S. 605-606.

Harun Küçük. Science without Leisure: Practical Naturalism in Istanbul, 1660–1732.
Abdurrahman Atçıl
S. 606-607.

Per Pippin Aspaas; László Kontler. Maximilian Hell (1720–92) and the Ends of Jesuit Science in Enlightenment Europe.
Eileen Reeves
S. 607-609.

Bruno Belhoste; trans. by Susan Emanuel. Paris Savant: Capital of
Science in the Age of Enlightenment.
Tamara Caulkins
S. 609-610.

Juan Carlos González Espitia. Sifilografía: A History of the Writerly
Pox in the Eighteenth-Century Hispanic World.
Taylor Dysart
S. 610-611.

Charles H. Smith; James T. Costa; David A. Collard, eds. An Alfred Russel Wallace Companion.
Alison Pearn
S. 612-613.

Arleen Marcia Tuchman. Diabetes: A History of Race and Disease.
Lundy Braun
S. 613-614.

Ronald S. Coddington. Faces of Civil War Nurses.
Julie A. Fairman
S. 614-616.

Christian Reiß. Der Axolotl: Ein Labortier im Heimaquarium 1864–1914.
Sophia Gräfe
S. 616-617.

Nikolai Krementsov. With and Without Galton: Vasilii Florinskii and the Fate of Eugenics in Russia.
Asif Siddiqi
S. 617-619.

Peter Ayres. Women and the Natural Sciences in Edwardian Britain: In Search of Fellowship.
Andre Michael Hahn
S. 619-620.

Ulrike Kirchberger; Brett M. Bennett, eds. Environments of Empire: Networks and Agents of Ecological Change.
Catarina Madruga
S. 620-621.

Jost Lemmerich. Max von Laue—Furchtlos und treu: Eine Biographie des Nobelpreisträgers für Physik.
Klaus Hentschel
S. 622-623.

Arne Schirrmacher. Establishing Quantum Physics in Göttingen: David Hilbert, Max Born, and Peter Debye in Context, 1900–1926.
Rita Meyer-Spasche
S. 623-624.

Eugenia Lean. Vernacular Industrialism in China: Local Innovation and Translated Technologies in the Making of a Cosmetics Empire, 1900–1940.
Victor Seow
S. 624-626.

Paul J. Nahin. Hot Molecules, Cold Electrons: From the Mathematics of Heat to the Development of the Trans-Atlantic Cable.
Susan Shelangoskie
S. 626-627.

Emmanuel Didier; trans. by Priya Vari Sen. America by the Numbers: Quantification, Democracy, and the Birth of National Statistics.
Emily Klancher Merchant
S. 627-628.

Richard Noakes. Physics and Psychics: The Occult and the Sciences in Modern Britain.
Heather Wolffram
S. 628-629.

Elizabeth Baigent; André Reyes Novaes, eds. Geographers: Biobibliographical Studies.
Sarah M. Pickman
S. 630-631.

Trisha T. Pritikin; introduction by Karen Dorn Steele. The Hanford
Plaintiffs: Voices from the Fight for Atomic Justice.
Adrian Monty and Linda Marie Richards
S. 631-632.

_Brian C. Odom; Stephen P. Waring, eds. NASA and the Long Civil Rights
Neil M. Maher
S. 632-634.

Antonio Badia. The Information Manifold: Why Computers Can’t Solve
Algorithmic Bias and Fake News.
Sarah A. Bell
S. 634-635.

Peder Anker. The Power of the Periphery: How Norway Became an
Environmental Pioneer for the World.
Peder Roberts
S. 635-636.

Danielle Giffort. Acid Revival: The Psychedelic Renaissance and the Quest for Medical Legitimacy.
Kim Hewitt
S. 637-638.

Pankaj Sekhsaria. Instrumental Lives: An Intimate Biography of an Indian Laboratory.
John Mathew
S. 638-639.

Isabel Malaquias; Peter J. T. Morris, eds. Perspectives on Chemical Biography in the Twenty-First Century.
Evan Hepler-Smith
S. 639-640.

Dwaipayan Banerjee. Enduring Cancer: Life, Death, and Diagnosis in Delhi.
Durba Mitra
S. 641-642.

Jennifer Johung. Vital Forms: Biological Art, Architecture, and the Dependencies of Life.
Richard Doyle
S. 642-643.

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