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Journal of Religious History 45 (2021), 3

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Journal of Religious History 45 (2021), 3

Nicholas Doumanis and Nicholas Eckstein
Oxford 2021: Wiley-Blackwell



Journal of Religious History
United Kingdom
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Free Access
Pages: 365-366


The Father of Modern India and the Son of God: Rammohun Roy's Jesus Christ
David J. Neumann
Pages: 367-389

“Catholic, but not According to the Rules”: Assisted Reproduction and Catholic Doctors in Belgium, 1940s–1980s
Tinne Claes
Pages: 390-411

Religious Women and the Northern Ireland Troubles
Dianne Kirby
Pages: 412-434

Women's Literacy in a Late Medieval Religious Community: Organisation and Memorialisation at Santa Marta in Milan, 1405–1454
Josh Brown
Pages: 435-454

Praying for Souls not in Purgatory: An Overlooked Text of Caroline Polemics
Ofer Hadass
Pages: 455-464

Reimagining the Protestant Missionary Family: The Malcolms of the China Inland Mission
Hugh Morrison
Pages: 465-488


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Mark W. Stamm
Pages: 512-514

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