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Isis 112 (2021), 4




United States
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Moritz Pallasch

Isis – A Journal of the History of Science Society

Editors: Alexandra Hui and Matthew Lavine

Publication of the History of Science Society


Mind the Gap: Acoustical Answers to Cosmological Concerns in First-Century b.c.e. China
Noa Hegesh
pp. 645–669.

Mediterraneanizing Europe: The Project of Subaltern Race and the Postimperial Search for Hybridity
Marina Mogilner
pp. 670–693.

Pig Mentations: Race and Face in Radiobiology
Brad Bolman
pp. 694–716.

The Works of Francis Bacon: A Victorian Classic in the History of Science
Lukas M. Verburgt
pp. 717–736.

How Western Science Corrupts Class Consciousness: East Germany’s Presence at IIASA
Till Düppe
pp. 737–759.

Introduction: Epistemologies of the Match
Hansun Hsiung and Elena Serrano
pp. 760–765.

Are the Stars Aligned? Matchmaking and Astrology in Early Modern Italy
Monica Azzolini
pp. 766–775.

A Feminist Physiology: B. J. Feijoo (1676–1764) and His Advice for Those in Love
Elena Serrano
pp. 776–785.

From Harmony to eHarmony: Charles Fourier, Social Science, and the Management of Love
Hansun Hsiung
pp. 786–794.

Cranial Compatibility: Phrenology, Measurement, and Marriage Assessment
Carla Bittel
pp. 795–803.

Love Is a Problem of Knowledge
Dan Bouk
pp. 804–806.

Traversing Boundaries: New Digital Project to Study Drugs in Asian History
Yan Liu
pp. 807–810.

Open-Access Resource for Instructors and Students of History of Science in Latin America and the Caribbean
Aimee Dávila Hisey
pp. 811–814.

Sean Silver, The Mind Is a Collection: A Born-Digital Museum of Eighteenth-Century Thought
Sarah E. Naramore
pp. 815–818.

Kären Wigen; Caroline Winterer, eds. Time in Maps: From the Age of Discovery to Our Digital Era.
Adrien Zakar
pp. 819–820.

Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis; Andreas Weber; Huib J. Zuidervaart, eds. Locations of Knowledge in Dutch Contexts.
Harold J. Cook
pp. 820–822.

Etienne S. Benson. Surroundings: A History of Environments and Environmentalisms.
Candis Callison
pp. 822–823.

Felipe Rojas. The Pasts of Roman Anatolia: Interpreters, Traces, Horizons.
Andy Merrills
pp. 823–824.

Ahmed Ragab. Piety and Patienthood in Medieval Islam.
Nancy Khalek
pp. 824–826.

Steven R. Gullberg. Astronomy of the Inca Empire: Use and Significance of the Sun and Night Sky.
Christopher Heaney
pp. 826–827.

Bruce T. Moran. Paracelsus: An Alchemical Life.
Megan Piorko
pp. 827–828.

John Christopoulos. Abortion in Early Modern Italy.
Elizabeth W. Mellyn
pp. 829–830.

He Bian. Know Your Remedies: Pharmacy and Culture in Early Modern China.
Marta Hanson
pp. 830–831.

Marina Paola Banchetti-Robino. The Chemical Philosophy of Robert Boyle: Mechanism, Chymical Atoms, and Emergence.
Ashley J. Inglehart
pp. 831–832.

Francesco G. Sacco. Real, Mechanical, Experimental: Robert Hooke’s Natural Philosophy.
Jeremy Robin Schneider
pp. 833–834.

Anna Marie Roos. Martin Lister and His Remarkable Daughters: The Art of Science in the Seventeenth Century.
Susanna Berger
pp. 834–835.

Timothy Paul Grove. Christ Came Forth from India: Georgian Astrological Texts of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries.
Darin Hayton
pp. 835–836.

Sophie Brockmann. The Science of Useful Nature in Central America: Landscapes, Networks, and Practical Enlightenment, 1784–1838.
Irina Podgorny
pp. 836–838.

Yann Piot. Jean-Antoine Nollet, artisan expérimentateur: Un discours technique au Xviiie siècle.
Christine Lehman
pp. 838–839.

Andreas Feldtkeller; Uta Zeuge-Buberl. Networks of Knowledge: Epistemic Entanglement Initiated by American Protestant Missionary Presence in Nineteenth-Century Syria.
Rana Issa
pp. 839–841.

Curtis N. Johnson. Darwin’s „Historical Sketch“: An Examination of the „Preface“ to the.
Xiaoxing Jin
pp. 841–842.

Robert J. Mayhew; Charles W. J. Withers, eds. Geographies of Knowledge: Science, Scale, and Spatiality in the Nineteenth Century.
Ashanti Shih
pp. 842–843.

Antoine Traisnel. Capture: American Pursuits and the Making of a New Animal Condition.
Nicole Welk-Joerger
pp. 844–845.

Ken Thompson. Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants: A Tour of His Botanical Legacy.
Kuang-Chi Hung
pp. 845–846.

Ashley Elizabeth Kerr. Sex, Skulls, and Citizens: Gender and Racial Science in Argentina (1860–1910).
Ricardo Roque
pp. 847–848.

David Sepkoski. Catastrophic Thinking: Extinction and the Value of Diversity from Darwin to the Anthropocene.
Kate Holterhoff
pp. 848–849.

Viktoria Tkaczyk; Mara Mills; Alexandra Hui, eds. Testing Hearing: The Making of Modern Aurality.
Coreen McGuire
pp. 849–851.

Dean Rickles. Covered with Deep Mist: The Development of Quantum Gravity (1916–1956).
Daniela Monaldi
pp. 851–852.

Matthew Shindell. The Life and Science of Harold C. Urey.
Catherine L. Newell
pp. 852–853.

James Rodger Fleming. First Woman: Joanne Simpson and the Tropical Atmosphere.
Sarah Carson
pp. 853–855.

Karena Kalmbach. The Meanings of a Disaster: Chernobyl and Its Afterlives in Britain and France.
Garret J. McDonald
pp. 855–856.

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