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Annali.Recensioni.Online V (2022), 2

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Annali.Recensioni.Online V (2022), 2

Editors: Christoph Cornelißen, Marco Meriggi, Katia Occhi Editorial Board: Marco Bellabarba, Gabriele Clemens, Laurence Cole, Birgit Emich, Filippo Focardi, Lutz Klinkhammer, Marco Meriggi, Thomas Schlemmer, Chiara Zanoni Managing Editors: Fernanda Alfieri, Giovanni Bernardini, Maurizio Cau, Gabriele D’Ottavio, Claudio Ferlan, Cecilia Nubola, Massimo Rospocher, Sandra Toffolo, Lorenzo Cortesi
Trento 2022: FBK Press
3 issues per year (January, May, September)
open access



Giovanni Bernardini, talienisch-Deutsche Historische Institut

Annali Recensioni Online V, 2022/2

Annali Recensioni Online provides a forum for discussion among historians and all those interested in history. The new electronic journal is devoted entirely to book reviews in keeping with a trend that is becoming widespread in international scientific publishing. Reviews of the newest scientific literature that until now were published in the "Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico / Jahrbuch des italienisch-deutschen historischen Instituts" will henceforth be published exclusively in ARO.

ARO will appear three times a year and review mainly new publications focusing on European history, with special attention on the German- and Italian-speaking areas. Furthermore — not unlike its German-language cousin "sehepunkte" — ARO will have an epoch-spanning, interdisciplinary, and international orientation.

For further information: https://aro-isig.fbk.eu/about-us/



Forum “Veronica e il Diavolo”

Fernanda Alfieri, “Veronica e il Diavolo”
reviews by Ottavia Niccoli, Michela Ponzani


Margareth Lanzinger, Janine Maegraith, Siglinde Clementi, Ellinor Forster, Christian Hagen (eds.), "Negotiations of Gender and Property Through Legal Regimes 14th-19th Century"
review by Martha Howell

Massimo Rospocher, Jeroen Salman, Hannu Salmi (eds.), "Crossing Borders, Crossing Cultures"
review by Antonio Castillo Gómez

Rebecca Earle, "Feeding the People"
review by Claudio Ferlan

Early Modern History

M. Chatenet, M. Gaude-Ferragu, G. Sabatier (eds.), "Princely Funerals in Europe, 1400-1700"
review by Antonio Chemotti

Michele Lodone, "Invisibile come Dio"
review by Michele Camaioni

Franco Pierno, "La parola in fuga"
review by Matteo Fadini

Franco Cazzola, "Uomini e fiumi"
review by Matteo Di Tullio

John Christopoulos, "Abortion in Early Modern Italy"
review by Alessandra Gissi

Antonio Lazzarini, "Boschi, legnami, costruzioni navali"
review by Katia Occhi

Serena Luzzi, "Il cacciatore di corte"
review by Alessandro Paris

Emanuele Pagano (ed.), "Immigrati e forestieri nell'Età moderna"
review by Enrico Valseriati

19th Century

Viviana Mellone, "La Restaurazione atlantica"
review by Deborah Besseghini

Andrea Tilatti, "Between La Salette and Lourdes"
review by Claudio Lorenzini

Contemporary History

Péter Techet, "Umkämpfte Kirche"
review by Ivan Portelli

Stefano Marcuzzi, "Britain and Italy in the Era of the First World War"
review by Marco Mondini

Chiara Giorgi, Ilaria Pavan, "Storia dello Stato sociale in Italia"
review by Giovanni Bernardini

Silvio Pons (ed.), "Il comunismo italiano nella storia del Novecento"
review by Francesco Leone

Federico Trocini (ed.), Tedeschi contro Hitler?
review by Ubaldo Villani Lubelli

Clemens Zimmermann, Lutz Klinkhammer (eds.), "Cinema as a Political Media"
review by Maurizio Cau

Gabriella Gribaudi, "La memoria, i traumi, la storia"
review by Cecilia Nubola

Fiammetta Balestracci, "La sessualità degli italiani"
review by Monica Fioravanzo

Ivan Portelli (ed.), "I cattolici isontini nel XX secolo"
review by Camilla Tenaglia

Ned Richardson-Little, "The Human Rights Dictatorship"
review by Jane Freeland

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