Isis 113 (2022), 4

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Isis 113 (2022), 4




United States
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A Darwinian Murder: The Role of the Barré-Lebiez Affair in the Diffusion of Darwinism in Nineteenth-Century France
Liv Grjebine
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 689-709.;af=T

Stabilizing Local Knowledge: The Installation of a Meridian Circle at the National Astronomical Observatory of Chile (1908–1913)
Carlos Sanhueza-Cerda
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 710-727.;af=T

Daring to Conjecture in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Sciences
Catherine Abou-Nemeh
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 728-746.;af=T

The Circulation of Morphological Knowledge: Understanding “Form” across Disciplines in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
Marco Tamborini
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 747-766.;af=T

Planetary Health Histories: Toward New Ecologies of Epidemiology? Warwick Anderson and James Dunk
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 767-788.;af=T

Closing the Loop: Ewald von Kleist and the Origins of the Leyden Jar
David Evan Pence
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 789-796.;af=T

Introduction: Redrawing the Map of Science in Modern China Shellen X. Wu
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 797-804.;af=T

Using LoGart to Uncover a New Spatiality of Science in China Shellen X. Wu
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 805-815.;af=T

Placing the Science of Agriculture in Early Twentieth-Century China
Peter B. Lavelle
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 816-828.;af=T

The Art of Compromise: New Maps in Local Gazetteers of the Late Qing Dynasty
Jiajing Zhang
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 829-840.;af=T

Eloge: Frances Coulborn Kohler (1938–2021)
Robert E. Kohler, Lynn K. Nyhart, and Arnold Thackray
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 841-846.;af=T

Eloge: Noel Swerdlow (1941–2021)
Anthony Grafton and Jed Buchwald
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 847-853.;af=T

Eloge: Gabriele Oropallo (1976–2021)
Kjetil Fallan
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 854-855.;af=T


Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 856-856.;af=T

Teun Koetsier. The Ascent of GIM, the Global Intelligent Machine: A History of Production and Information Machines.
Dustin Abnet
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 857-858.;af=T

Richard Jones. Wasp.
Martha Few
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 858-859.;af=T

Tobias Esch; Josef Mühlenbrock, eds. Irrtümer und Fälschungen der Archäologie: Begleitband zur Sonderausstellung; Monica Baggio; Elisa Bernard; Monica Salvadori; Luca Zamparo, eds. Anthropology of Forgery: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Study of Archaeological Fakes; Cécile Michel; Michael Friedrich, eds. Fakes and Forgeries of Written Artefacts from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern China.
Felipe Rojas
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 859-861.;af=T

Jeff Loveland. The European Encyclopedia: From 1650 to the Twenty-First Century.
Katerina Oikonomopoulou
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 861-863.;af=T

Donald A. Barr. Health Disparities in the United States: Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, and the Social Determinants of Health.
Jamie Marsella
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 863-864.;af=T

Ágnes Darab. The Anecdotal Narration and Encyclopedic Thought of Pliny the Elder’s “Naturalis Historia.”
Georgia Irby
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 865-866.;af=T

Matteo Soranzo. Giovanni Aurelio Augurello (1441–1524) and Renaissance Alchemy: A Critical Edition of “Chrysopoeia” and Other Alchemical Poems, with an Introduction, English Translation and Commentary.
Sarah Lang
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 866-867.;af=T

Mauricio Nieto Olarte. Exploration, Religion and Empire in the Sixteenth-Century Ibero-Atlantic World: A New Perspective on the History of Modern Science.
Alison Bigelow
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 867-869.;af=T

Tara Nummedal. Anna Zieglerin and the Lion’s Blood: Alchemy and End Times in Reformation Germany.
Megan Piorko
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 869-870.;af=T

Rienk H. Vermij; Ida H. Stamhuis; Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis; C. A. Davids, eds. Rethinking Stevin, Stevin Rethinking: Constructions of a Dutch Polymath.
Tamara Caulkins
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 870-871.;af=T

Alex Hidalgo. Trail of Footprints: A History of Indigenous Maps from Viceregal Mexico.
James R. Akerman
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 872-873.;af=T

Barbara Hahn. Technology in the Industrial Revolution.
Amy Slaton
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 873-875.;af=T

Laurence Monnais. The Colonial Life of Pharmaceuticals: Medicines and Modernity in Vietnam.
Ayo Wahlberg
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 875-876.;af=T

Tom Scott-Smith. On an Empty Stomach: Two Hundred Years of Hunger
Ramah McKay
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 876-877.;af=T

Chinmay Tumbe. The Age of Pandemics, 1817–1920: How They Shaped India and the World.
Samiparna Samanta
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 878-879.;af=T

Nancy Langston. Climate Ghosts: Migratory Species in the Anthropocene.
Tina Loo
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 879-880.;af=T

James Elwick. Making a Grade: Victorian Examinations and the Rise of Standardized Testing.
Annette Mülberger
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 881-882.;af=T

Andrew Fiss. Performing Math: A History of Communication and Anxiety in the American Mathematics Classroom.
Devin Kennedy
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 882-883.;af=T

Suvobrata Sarkar. Let There Be Light: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Electricity in Colonial Bengal, 1880–1945.
Arindam Dutta
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 884-885.;af=T

Trevor Pearce. Pragmatism’s Evolution: Organism and Environment in American Philosophy.
Ellen Abrams
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 885-886.;af=T

Bert Theunissen. Beauty or Statistics: Practice and Science in Dutch Livestock Breeding, 1900–2000.
Rebecca J. H. Woods
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 887-888.;af=T

Durba Mitra. Indian Sex Life: Sexuality and the Colonial Origins of Modern Social Thought.
Veronika Fuechtner
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 888-889.;af=T

Manuel Barcia. The Yellow Demon of Fever: Fighting Disease in the Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Slave Trade.
Sean Morey Smith
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 889-890.;af=T

Jenny Bangham. Blood Relations: Transfusion and the Making of Human Genetics.
Joanna Radin
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 891-892.;af=T

Victoria Lee. The Arts of the Microbial World: Fermentation Science in Twentieth-Century Japan.
Sarah Tracy
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 892-893.;af=T

Keith Wailoo. Pushing Cool: Big Tobacco, Racial Marketing, and the Untold Story of the Menthol Cigarette.
Rana Hogarth
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 894-895.;af=T

Kristin A. Wintersteen. The Fishmeal Revolution: The Industrialization of the Humboldt Current Ecosystem.
Jennifer Hubbard
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 895-897.;af=T

Jacob Darwin Hamblin. The Wretched Atom: America’s Global Gamble with Peaceful Nuclear Technology.
Audra J. Wolfe
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 897-898.;af=T

Alex Wellerstein. Restricted Data: The History of Nuclear Secrecy in the United States.
Luis A. Campos
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 898-899.;af=T

Soraya de Chadarevian. Heredity under the Microscope: Chromosomes and the Study of the Human Genome.
Lisa Gannett
Isis, Vol. 113, No. 4: 900-901.;af=T

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