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Annali.Recensioni.Online VI (2023), 1

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Annali.Recensioni.Online VI (2023), 1

Trento 2023: FBK Press
3 issues per year
open access



Giovanni Bernardini, University of Verona, Italy

Annali Recensioni Online provides a forum for discussion among historians and all those interested in history. The new electronic journal is devoted entirely to book reviews in keeping with a trend that is becoming widespread in international scientific publishing. Reviews of the newest scientific literature that until now were published in the "Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico / Jahrbuch des italienisch-deutschen historischen Instituts" will henceforth be published exclusively in ARO.

ARO will appear three times a year and review mainly new publications focusing on European history, with special attention on the German- and Italian-speaking areas. Furthermore – not unlike its German-language cousin "sehepunkte" – ARO will have an epoch-spanning, interdisciplinary, and international orientation.df

For further information: https://aro-isig.fbk.eu/about-us/.


Forum “Rethinking Fascism”

Wolfgang Schieder, "L’ombra del duce"
Andrea Di Michele, Filippo Focardi (eds.), "Rethinking Fascism"
reviews by Stefano Cavazza and Brunello Mantelli

Theory, Methodology, Teaching

Francesco Benigno, "Rivoluzioni"
review by Paolo Carta

Alexander S. Kirshner, "Legitimate Opposition"
review by Angela De Benedictis

Joanna Wojdon, Dorota Wisniewska (eds.), "Public in Public History"
review by Serge Noiret

Fabrizio Nevola, David Rosenthal, Nicholas Terpstra (eds.), "Hidden Cities"
review. by Bianca de Divitiis


Renata Segre, "Preludio al Ghetto di Venezia"
review by Alessandra Veronese

Alessandra Dattero (ed.), "Il bosco"
review by Matteo Tacca

Francesca Trivellato, "Ebrei e capitalismo"
review by Andrea Caracausi

Lorenzo Benadusi, Vincenzo Lagioia (eds.), "In segreto"
review by Elena Riva

Enzo Ciconte, "Classi pericolose"
review by Matteo Banzola

H. Glenn Penny, "German History Unbound"
review by Cristiano La Lumia

Early Modern History

Antonio Rigo, Niccolò Zorzi (eds.), "Bessarion's Books. I libri di Bessarione"
review by Raf Van Rooy

Bruna Conconi, "Quel che resta di un naufragio"
review by Massimo Scandola

Gennaro Schiano, "Relatar la catástrofe en el Siglo de Oro"
review by Flavia Tudini

Stefan Hanß, Dorothea McEwan (eds.), "The Habsburg Mediterranean 1500-1800"
review by Matteo Calcagni

Elizabeth Dillenburg, Howard P. Louthan, Drew B. Thomas (eds.), "Print Culture at the Crossroads"
review by Renaud Adam

Giulia Iannuzzi, "Geografie del tempo"
review by Debora Sicco

Matteo Pompermaier, "L'économie ‘du mouchoir’ : crédit et microcrédit à Venise au XVIIIe siècle"
review by James E. Shaw

19th Century

Enrico Francia, "Oggetti risorgimentali"
review by Laura Di Fiore

Andrea Leonardi, "Un innovatore nell'ingegneria dei trasporti del XIX secolo. Luigi Negrelli"
review by Katia Occhi

Contemporary History

Amerigo Caruso, "Blut und Eisen auch im Innern"
review by Marco Meriggi

Stefan Creuzberger, "Das deutsch-russische Jahrhundert"
review by Ubaldo Villani Lubelli

Veera Mitzner (ed.), "European Union Research Policy"
review by Francesco Cassata

Lucia Bonfreschi, "Un'idea di libertà"
review by Chiara Zampieri

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