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The Russian Review 82 (2023), 2

Malden 2023: Wiley-Blackwell
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The Russian Review
United States
The Russian Review 320 Bailey Hall 1440 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045-7574 USA
Moritz Pallasch, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Technique of Verbalizing: Anatoly Vasiliev and His Theater of Dissonant Dialogues
E. Susanna Weygandt
Pages: 215–231

Aesthetic Republicanism in Shostakovich’s Fourteenth Symphony
Boris Maslov, Paulo Brito
Pages: 232–247

Transferring Jerusalem to Moscow: Maksim Grek’s Letter and Its Afterlife
Justin Willson, Ashley Morse
Pages: 248–262

Drunkenness and Disorder in the Imperial Russian Army
Alison K. Smith
Pages: 263–276

Listening to the Soviet Union’s “Silent” Majority: The Evasion of Labor Obligations on the Home Front, 1941–45
Oleg Khlevniuk
Pages: 277–291

From Enemy to Hero: Andrei Krems and the Legacy of Stalinist Repression in Russia’s Far North, 1964–82
Tyler C. Kirk
Pages: 292–306

Review Essays

Co‐temporality and Sovremennost': Late Imperial and Early Soviet Photographs
Jessica Werneke
Pages: 307–313

Pigs, Wheat, Whales, and other Nonhumans in Russia and the Soviet Union
Douglas Rogers
Pages: 314–319

Featured Reviews

Antisemitic Violence of the Russian Civil War and Its Legacy in the Soviet Union
Sasha Senderovich
Pages: 320–322

The Earthly and the Cosmic in Twentieth‐Century Siberia
Katja Bruisch
Pages: 323–326

Book Reviews

Literature and Fine Arts
Recording Russia: Trying to Listen in the Nineteenth Century by Gabriella Safran. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2022. 300 pp. $49.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6632‐9.
Matthew Kendall
Pages: 327–328

Writing Fear: Russian Realism and the Gothic by Katherine Bowers. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2022. xvi + 241 pp. $65.00. ISBN 978‐1‐4875‐2692‐4.
Bella Grigoryan
Pages: 329–330

Writing History in Late Imperial Russia: Scholarship and the Literary Canon by Frances Nethercott. Library of Modern Russia. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2020. x + 280 pp. $115.00. ISBN 978‐1‐3501‐3040‐1.
Kevin M. F. Platt
Pages: 331–332

The Letters and the Law: Legal and Literary Culture in Late Imperial Russia by Anna Schur. Studies in Russian Literature and Theory. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2022. xii + 224 pp. $39.95 (paper). ISBN 978‐0‐8101‐4493‐4.
Brian Armstrong
Pages: 333–334

Word Play: Experimental Poetry and Soviet Children’s Literature by Ainsley Morse. Studies in Russian Literature and Theory. Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2021. xiii + 251 pp. $39.95 (paper). ISBN 978‐0‐8101‐4327‐2.
Andrea Lanoux
Pages: 335–336

Feeling Revolution: Cinema, Genre, and the Politics of Affect under Stalin by Anna Toropova. New York: Oxford University Press, 2020. xv + 257 pp. $88.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐883109‐9.
Stephen M. Norris
Pages: 337–338

Esfir Shub: Pioneer of Documentary Filmmaking by Ilana Sharp. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. 344 pp. $130.00. ISBN 978‐1‐5013‐7651‐1.
Anastasia Kostina
Pages: 339–340

Wandering in Circles: Venichka’s Journey of Redemption in “Moskva‐Petushki” by Jill Martiniuk. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2021. 182 pp. $90.00. ISBN 978‐1‐64469‐729‐0.
Pavel Khazanov
Pages: 341–342

Sounds Beyond: Arvo Pärt and the 1970s Soviet Underground by Kevin C. Karnes. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2021. xii + 193 pp. $35.00. ISBN 978‐0‐226‐80190‐2.
Maria Cizmic
Pages: 343–344

Underground Modernity: Urban Poetics in East‐Central Europe, Pre‐ and Post‐1989 by Alfrun Kliems. Translated by Jake Schneider. Leipzig Studies on the History and Culture of East‐Central Europe. Budapest: Central European University Press. 2021. 340 pp. $85.00. ISBN 978‐963‐386‐397‐8.
Ainsley Morse
Pages: 345–346

The Origins of Russian Literary Theory: Folklore, Philology, Form by Jessica Merrill. Studies in Russian Literature and Theory. Evanston: Northwestern University Press. 2022. 312 pp. $39.95. ISBN 978‐0‐8101‐4490‐3.
Basil Lvoff
Pages: 347–348

The Sound of Modern Polish Poetry: Performance and Recording after World War II by Aleksandra Kremer. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2021. 376 pp. $45.00. ISBN 978‐0‐674‐26111‐2.
Łukasz Wodzyński
Pages: 349–350


The Tsar’s Happy Occasion: Ritual and Dynasty in the Weddings of Russia’s Rulers, 1495–1745 by Russell E. Martin. NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2021. 378 pp. $59.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐5484‐5.
Valerie Kivelson
Pages: 351–352

Russian Colonization of Alaska: From Heyday to Sale, 1818–1867 by Andrei Val'terovich Grinev. Translated by Richard L. Bland. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2022. xi + 415 pp. $70.00. ISBN 978‐1‐4962‐2217‐6.
Katherine L. Arndt
Pages: 353–354

On Arid Ground: Political Ecologies of Empire in Russian Central Asia by Jennifer Keating. Oxford Studies in Modern European History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2022. 272 pp. $100.00. ISBN 978‐0‐1928‐5525‐1.
John B. Seitz
Pages: 355–356

Chaadaevskoe delo: Ideologiia, ritorika i gosudarstvennaia vlast' v nikolaevskoi Rossii by Mikhail Velizhev. Intellektual'naia istoriia. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2022. 392 pp. ₽840.00. ISBN 978‐5‐4448‐1852‐7.
Victoria Frede
Pages: 357–358

Spatial Revolution: Architecture and Planning in the Early Soviet Union by Christina E. Crawford. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2022. 424 pp. $35.00. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐5919‐2.
Katherine Zubovich
Pages: 359–360

State Laughter: Stalinism, Populism, and Origins of Soviet Culture by Evgeny Dobrenko and Natalia Jonsson‐Skradol. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022. 448 pp. $100.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐884041‐1.
Olga Mesropova
Pages: 361–362

Cold War Radio: The Russian Broadcasts of the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty by Mark G. Pomar. Lincoln: Potomac Books, 2022. 344 pp. $28.60. ISBN 978‐1‐6401‐2514‐8.
Gregory Mitrovich
Pages: 363–364

Chronicle of the Left Hand: An American Black Family’s Story from Slavery to Russia’s Hollywood by James Lloydovich Patterson. Washington: New Academia Publishing, 2022. 192 pp. $24.00 (paper). ISBN 978‐8‐9852214‐1‐1.
Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon
Pages: 365–366

Land, Community, and the State in the Caucasus: Kabardino‐Balkaria from Tsarist Conquest to Post‐Soviet Politics by Ian Lanzillotti. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. xii + 313 pp. $115.00. ISBN 978‐1‐350‐13744‐8.
Timothy Blauvelt
Pages: 367–368

Storms over the Balkans during the Second World War by Alfred J. Alfred. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2022. 320 pp. $100.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐285803‐0.
Dimitar Bechev
Pages: 369–370

Ghosts of War: Nazi Occupation and Its Aftermath in Soviet Belarus by Franziska Exeler. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2022. 360 pp. $35.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6273‐4.
Anika Walke
Pages: 371–372

Cigarettes and Soviets: Smoking in the USSR by Tricia Starks. Ithaca: Northern Illinois University Press, 2022. 324 pp. $44.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6548‐3.
Joshua First
Pages: 373–374

To Make a Village Soviet: Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Transformation of a Postwar Ukrainian Borderland by Emily B. Baran. Toronto: McGill‐Queen’s University Press, 2022. 256 pp. $120.00. ISBN 978‐0‐2280‐1054‐8.
Kathryn David
Pages: 375–376

Atomic Steppe: How Kazakhstan Gave Up the Bomb by Togzhan Kassenova. Redwood City: Stanford University Press, 2022. 384 pp. $30.00. ISBN 978‐1‐5036‐2846‐5.
Michael G. Stefany
Pages: 377–378

Afghan Crucible: The Soviet Invasion and the Making of Modern Afghanistan by Elisabeth Leake. London: Oxford University Press, 2022. 368 pp. $34.95. ISBN 978‐0‐1988‐4601‐7.
Vassily A. Klimentov
Pages: 379–380

Social Sciences, Contemporary Russia, and Other

Between Lenin and Bandera: Decommunization and Multivocality in Post‐Euromaidan Ukraine by Anna Kutkina. Soviet and Post‐Soviet Politics and Security, 231. Stuttgart: ibidem‐Verlag, 2021. xvii + 332 pp. $46.00 (paper). ISBN 978‐3‐8382‐1506‐8.
George O. Liber
Pages: 381–382

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