Journal of Contemporary History 58 (2023), 3

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Journal of Contemporary History 58 (2023), 3

London [u.a.] 2023: Sage Publications



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Viceroyalty of General Queipo de Llano in Seville During the Spanish Civil War: A Dialectic of Violence and Destitution Rúben Leitão Serém

‘Plausible Enough’: The IRO and the Negotiation of Refugee Status After the Second World War Sebastian Huhn

‘Nazi Agent’ and Development Pioneer: Johann Albrecht von Monroy, National Socialist Europe and Unknown Origins of FAO's Forest Related Development Activities Martin Bemmann

The Taste of Freedom, the Smell of Captivity: Sensory Narratives of the Hungarian Camp of Bergen–Belsen Heléna Huhák

The Impact of the Ethiopian War on Italian Immigrants in Scotland Remigio Petrocelli

The Dilemma of Socialist Solidarity: East German Specialists in Mao's China, 1952–64 Tao Chen

Writing International Histories from Ordinary Places: Postcolonial Classrooms, Teachers, and Foreign Policy in Ghana, 1957–83 Elisa Prosperetti

Nudging the Ship in the Right Direction: United States Public Diplomacy and Development in 1960s Spain Óscar J. Martín García

Independence as Discovery: Mozambique's 1975 Nationalization of Funeral Services David Morton

Book Reviews

Book Review: Family History, Historical Consciousness & Citizenship: A New Social History by Tanya Evans Mike Esbester

Book Review: Jewish-European émigré Lawyers: Twentieth Century International Humanitarian Law as Idea and Profession by Leora Bilsky and Annette Weinke (eds) Thomas W. Smith

Book Review: The Welfare State Generation: Women, Agency and Class in Britain since 1945 by Eve Worth Hanna Kaarina Yoken

Book Review: Brazil in the Global Nuclear Order, 1945–2018 by Carlo Patti Kjølv Egeland

Book Review: Arrested Development: The Soviet Union in Ghana, Guinea, and Mali, 1955–1968 by Alessandro Iandolo Natalia Telepneva

Book Review: After Saigon’s Fall: Refugees and US–Vietnamese relations, 1975–2000 by Amanda C. Demmer Phan Xuan Dung

Book Review: Riss im Bild. Kunst und Künstler aus der DDR und die deutsche Vereinigung by Anja Tack Sara Blaylock

Book Review: Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the Making of the Post-Cold War Stalemate by M.E. Sarotte Fritz Bartel

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