Isis 114 (2023), S1

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Isis 114 (2023), S1




United States
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Neeraja Sankaran and Stephen P. Weldon
pp. ix–x.

Scholarship in the Time of COVID-19: An Introduction to the IsisCB
Special Issue on Pandemics
Neeraja Sankaran and Stephen P. Weldon
pp. 1–5

A Short Introduction into the English-Language Historiography of Epidemiology
Lukas Engelmann
pp. 6–25

Emerging Infectious Diseases and Disease Emergence: Critical, Ontological and Epistemological Approaches
Matheus Alves Duarte da Silva and Jules Skotnes-Brown
pp. 26–49

Vaccination and Pandemics
Dora Vargha and Imogen Wilkins
pp. 50–70

Coinfection, Comorbidity, and Syndemics: On the Edges of Epidemic Historiography
Lukas Engelmann
pp. 71–84

Making Microbes: Theorizing the Invisible in Historical Scholarship
James Stark
pp. 85–103

Historical Literature Related to Zoonoses and Pandemics
Barbara Canavan
pp. 104–142

The “Spanish” Flu and the Pandemic Imaginary
Mark Honigsbaum
pp. 143–161

Pandemic Responses and the Strengths of Health Systems: A Review of Global AIDS Historiography in Light of COVID-19
Reiko Kanazawa
pp. 162–205

Epidemic Inequities: Social and Racial Inequality in the History of Pandemics
Michael F. McGovern and Keith A. Wailoo
pp. 206–246

The Limits of Linearity: Recasting Histories of Epidemics in the Global South
Valentina Parisi and Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
pp. 247–287

Pandemics in the Ancient Mediterranean World
Rebecca Flemming
pp. 288–312

Plague in the Mediterranean and Islamicate World
Nükhet Varlik
pp. 313–362

Epidemic Histories in East Asia
Robert Peckham and Mei Li
pp. 363–418

History of Pandemics in Southeast Asia: A Return of National Anxieties?
Vivek Neelakantan
pp. 419–446

COVID-19 Response in South Asia: Case Studies from India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan
Arnab Chakraborty
pp. 447–463

The European Perspective on Pandemics
Leander Diener and Flurin Condrau
pp. 464–497

History of Pandemics in Latin America
José Ragas
pp. 498–532

History of Epidemics: A Bibliographical Essay on Secondary Sources in Italian and on Italy
Maria Conforti
pp. 533–553

A Survey of Historical Works on Pandemics in the German Language
Heiner Fangerau, Ulrich Koppitz, and Alfons Labisch
pp. 554–588

Conclusion: What It Means
Emily Hamilton
pp. 589–595

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