Journal of Contemporary History 59 (2024), 1

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Journal of Contemporary History 59 (2024), 1

London [u.a.] 2024: Sage Publications



Journal of Contemporary History (JCH)
United Kingdom
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Special Section: The Difficult Heritage of Dictatorship in Europe
Guest Editors: Clare Copley and Nick Carter

The Difficult Heritage of Dictatorship in Europe
Clare Copley and Nick Carter

Exiling Karl Marx from Karl Marx Square: The Political Lives of a Leipzig Monument before and after 1989
Andrew Demshuk

Beyond Rome: Brescia and the Difficult Heritage of Italian Fascism
Nick Carter

The Legacies of Transition, Street Renaming and the Material Heritage of Communist Dictatorship in Poland
Ewa Ochman

Difficult Heritage in Southeastern Europe: Local and Transnational Entanglements in Memorializing Political Prisons after Socialism
Gruia Bădescu

Sealed Off Heritage: Navigating Hitler's Bunker in Postwar Berlin
Caroline Sharples


Yugoslavia and the Restitution of Monetary Gold After the Second World War
Tomasz Korban

Practising Dialectical Materialism: The Balkan House and Architecture in Socialist Yugoslavia
Aleksandar Ignjatović and Danica Milan Stojiljković

Remembering Lived Past: History and Memory in Post-Stalin Azerbaijan
Shalala Mammadova

Book Reviews

Book Review: The Shortest History of the Soviet Union by Sheila Fitzpatrick
Brigid O’Keeffe

Book Review: Historical Understanding: Past, Present, and Future by Zoltán Boldizsár Simon and Lars Deile (eds)
Julia Håkansson

Book Review: Locating Queer Histories: Places and Traces across the UK by Justin Bengry, Matt Cook and Alison Oram (eds)
Martha Robinson Rhodes
Book Review: Designs on Democracy: Architecture and the Public in Interwar London by Neal Shasore
Michael Mcculloch

Book Review: White Mineworkers on Zambia’s Copperbelt, 1926–74: In a Class of Their Own by Duncan Money
Hugh Macmillan

Book Review: Prisoners of War: Europe 1939–1956 by Bob Moore
Yorai Linenberg

Book Review: Personal Politics in the Postwar World: Western Diplomacy Behind the Scenes by Susanna ErlandssonBreaking Protocol. America’s First Female Ambassadors, 1933–1964 by Philip Nash
Emma Rosengren

Book Review: Markets of Civilization: Islam and Racial Capitalism in Algeria by Muriam Haleh Davis
Samir Saul

Book Review: Decolonizing 1968: Transnational Student Activism in Tunis, Paris, and Dakar by Burleigh Hendrickson
Michael R. Fischbach

Book Review: Non-Aligned Movement Summits: A History by Jovan Čavoški
Carolien Stolte

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