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Gender & History 36 (2024), 1
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Special Issue: Historicising Trans Pasts

Oxford u.a. 2024: Wiley-Blackwell



Gender and History
United Kingdom
Melanie Strauß, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


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Pages: 1-2


Open Access
Historicising trans pasts: An introduction
Chris Mowat, Joanna de Groot, Maroula Perisanidi
Pages: 3–13

Open Access
Writing trans histories with an ethics of care, while reading gender in imperial Roman literature
Ky Merkley
Pages: 14–31

Open Access
‘Selective historians’: The construction of cisness in Byzantine and Byzantinist texts
Ilya Maude
Pages: 32–51

Open Access
Trans‐gender things: Objects and the materiality of trans‐femininity in Ming‐Qing China
Aixia Huang
Pages: 52–71

Transmisogyny in later (1588–1623) hagiography on Mother Juana de la Cruz (1481–1534)
Claire Becker
Pages: 72–90

Open Access
Trans misogyny in the colonial archive: Re‐membering trans feminine life and death in New Spain, 1604–1821
Jamey Jesperson
Pages: 91–111

Open Access
Of mermaids and monsters: Transgender history and the boundaries of the human in eighteenth‐ and early‐nineteenth‐century Britain
Onni Gust
Pages: 112–129

Histories of aging and gender variability: Old age in the nineteenth‐century ‘Hijra’/‘Eunuch’ archive
Jessica Hinchy
Pages: 130–150

Open Access
On knowing nature's syntax: Preliminary cisness, victorian physiology and George Eliot
Alexis A. Ferguson
Pages: 151–166

Open Access
Creating a space for trans self‐narrative in 1930s Turkey: Kenan Çinili's memoir
Ezgi Sarıtaş
Pages: 167–190

Open Access
Against anticipation, or, camp reading as reparative to the trans feminine past: A microhistory in Nazi‐Era Vienna
Zavier Nunn
Pages: 191–207

Open Access
The assertion of reproductive and social control in mid‐twentieth‐century US transgender medicine
Stef M. Shuster
Pages: 208–223

Open Access
Entering the archive of second‐wave trans feminist print culture: The journal of male feminism
Emily Cousens
Pages: 224–240

Open Access
‘No, we're not going away’: Two trans activist lives in Aotearoa New Zealand, 1974–1987
Will Hansen
Pages: 241–256

Open Access
Reaching for T in the South African archives
Noah Lubinsky
Pages: 257–274

Book Reviews

The shape of sex: Nonbinary gender from genesis to the renaissance by Leah DeVun, New York: Columbia University Press, 2021, pp. xiv–315, ISBN‐978‐0231195515.
Gabrielle Bychowski
Pages: 275–277

Before we were trans: A new history of gender by Kit Heyam, London: Basic Books, 2022, p. 343, ISBN‐13 9781529377743.
Cecily Bateman
Pages: 278–279

A body of one's own: A trans history of Argentina by Patricio Simonetto, Austen: University of Texas Press, 2024, p. 320, ISBN‐ 978‐1477328606.
Mir Yarfitz
Pages: 280–281

Trans talmud: Androgynes and eunuchs in rabbinic literature by Max K. Strassfeld, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2023, pp. 1–262, ISBN‐978‐0520397392.
Krista Dalton
Pages: 282–283

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