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Luso-Brazilian Review 60 (2024) 2

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Luso-Brazilian Review (LBR)
United States
Editorial Office Luso-Brazilian Review 1018 Van Hise Hall 1220 Linden Drive University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, WI 53706 608-265-8296 Fax: 608-262-9671 E-mail: lusobraz@mailplus.wisc.edu
Sophie-Margarete Schuster, Geschichtswissenschaften, Kulturwissenschaft, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Editorial Note
Kathryn Bishop-Sanchez
Published January 2024


“In You We Recognize Our Dark Brothers.” Pan-Africanism in Portugal:
The View from Both Sides of the Atlantic (1918–1933)
Richard Cleminson
Published January 2024

Black Female Narration, Self-Definition, and Intersectionality in Por cima do mar and The Hate U Give
Jordan B. Jones
Published January 2024

This article compares two novels narrated by Black female protagonists: the Brazilian novel Por cima do mar (Dornellas 2018 ) and the US novel The Hate U Give (Thomas 2017 ). Subject to socioeconomic disenfranchisement and devastating physical, sexual, and symbolic violence, both narrators learn to use writing to push back against totalizing views that cast them as perpetual victims. I use the notions of intersectionality (Crenshaw) and amefricanidade (Gonzalez) to analyze how challenges overlap and compound in these women’s lives, and I draw on the concept of self-definition (Collins) to study how the narrators employ discourse to reject stereotypes, construct self-assured images of themselves, and reclaim their human…

“Seeing to Make Disappear”:
The Lingering Ghost of Slavery and Stereotypical Representations of Blackness in Brazilian Telenovelas of the Last Decades of the Twentieth Century
Asligul Berktay
Published January 2024

This article explores the representations of Black Brazilians in telenovelas where the ideology of racial democracy remains evident through the act of “seeing to make disappear”—a complicated process of mutual exclusion and incorporation. Rather than a microcosm per se, telenovelas…

Orpheu’s Modernist Crossroads:
Between Iberia and the World
Krista Brune
Published January 2024

The 1915 literary journal Orpheu embraced cosmopolitan nationalism by exploring competing claims to and experiences of modernity. Despite its brief duration , Orpheu has continued to have a significant impact as a literary and artistic manifestation of Luso-Brazilian collaboration and modernist innovation. The journal’s content and its contributors’ correspondence and additional writings reveal an interest in Iberia as key to a broader project…

O Brasil no mito da América Latina de José Vasconcelos
Bernardo Ricupero
Published January 2024

No mito da América Latina elaborado por José Vasconcelos em La raza cósmica, o lugar ocupado pelo Brasil é decisivo. Já para outros dois intelectuais ligados à Revolução Mexicana, Pedro Henríquez Ureña e Alfonso Reyes, o país lusófono tem uma posição mais incerta na Nuestra América. Reconstituo inicialmente o ambiente pós-revolucionário que alimentou projetos culturais concorrentes. Presto atenção especialmente a La raza cósmica, procurando avaliar a importância do Brasil na imagem da América Latina então elaborada. De maneira complementar, busco verificar a repercussão do livro entre modernistas brasileiros, chamando a atenção para uma dimensão da circulação de ideias ainda pouco explorada: a das…

From Archipelago to Western Metropolis:
Migrants’ Stories by Orlanda Amarílis and Jamaica Kincaid
Joana Passos
Published January 2024

This article develops a comparative study between the representation of migrants’ experiences in the 1989 short story “Rodrigo” by Orlanda Amarílis (a Cape Verdean author) and the novella Lucy (1990) by Jamaica Kincaid (a Caribbean writer from Antigua). In these texts, I compare character’s memories of their own island motherlands, their representation of immigrants’ negotiation of a sense of self and belonging between different societies and cultures and, simultaneously,…

Book Review Essay

Cardoso, Rafael. 2021. Modernity in Black and White: Art and Image, Race and Identity in Brazil, 1890–1945. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Christopher Dunn
Published January 2024

Published January 2024

Books Reviewed

Jacobs, Adriana X. and Claire Williams, eds. 2022. After Clarice: Reading Lispector’s Legacy in the Twenty-First Century. Cambridge: Legenda. 466 pages.
Dário Borim
Published January 2024

de Medeiros, Paulo and José N. Ornelas, eds. 2022. Saramago After the Nobel: Contemporary Readings of José Saramago’s Late Works. Oxford: Peter Lang. 288 pages.
Patrícia Martinho Ferreira
Published January 2024

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