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The Russian Review 83 (2024), 2

Malden 2024: Wiley-Blackwell
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The Russian Review
United States
The Russian Review 320 Bailey Hall 1440 Jayhawk Boulevard Lawrence, KS 66045-7574 USA
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



The Russian Review
Pages: 169-172


Nicholas Bujalski Wins the Third Annual Levin Article Prize
Pages: 173


Ukrainians as “Aliens” (Inorodtsy): Governmental Regulation of Ukrainian Cultural Associations, 1905–17
Anton Kotenko
Pages: 174-192

From Ambivalence to Accuracy: The Provisional Government’s Grain Registration in an Intermediary Province, Penza 1917
Peter Fraunholtz
Pages: 193-208

The 1942 “Egg Expeditions” to Novaia Zemlia and the Struggle for Food in the Wartime Soviet Union
Liudmila Novikova
Pages: 209-226

“Following Our Own Path”: Pavel Katenin’s Political Theater
Katherine New
Pages: 227-242

Flipping the Colonialist Paradigm: Grigorii Chkhartishvili’s Akunin
Saera Yoon
Pages: 243-257


Russia/USSR in the World
Nana Osei-Opare
Pages: 258-265


Bakhtin + x, through a Modernist Mask
Caryl Emerson
Pages: 266-271

“A True Russian Soldier”: Fabius Larionovich’s Less‐Is‐More Art of War
Sean Pollock
Pages: 272-276

The German‐Soviet Encounter: War, Ideology, and Political Transformation
Franziska Exeler
Pages: 277-281

From Dynamism to Repression: The Many Possibilities of the Soviet Union’s Long 1960s
Diane P. Koenker
Pages: 282-285


Literature and Fine Arts

Pushkin, The Decembrists and Civic Sentimentalism by Emily Wang. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2023. 210 pp. $99.95. ISBN 978‐0‐2993‐4580‐8
Ludmilla A. Trigos
Pages: 286-287

The Karamazov Case: Dostoevsky’s Argument for His Vision by Terrence W. Tilley. London: T&T Clark, 2023, 172 pp. $103.50. ISBN 978‐0‐567‐70437‐5
Vladimir Golstein
Pages: 288-289

Staging the Absolute: Ritual in Russia’s Modern Era by Thomas Seifrid. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2024. 264 pp. $80.00. ISBN 978‐1‐4875‐5180‐3
Alisa Ballard Lin
Pages: 290-291

Reading Darwin in Imperial Russia: Literature and Ideas by Andrew M. Drozd, Brendan G. Mooney, and Stephen M. Woodburn, eds. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2023. vi + 292 pp. $120.00. ISBN 978‐1‐66692‐084‐0
Tom Dolack
Pages: 292-293

The Pushkin Project: Russia’s Favorite Writer, Modern Evolutionary Thought, and Teaching Inner‐City Youth by David Bethea. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2003, 206 pp. $24.95. ISBN 979‐8‐8871‐9202‐4
Lyudmila Parts
Pages: 294-295

Reimagining Nabokov: Pedagogies for the 21st Century by Sara Karpukhin and José Vergara, eds. Amherst: Amherst College Press, 2022. xxi + 208 pp. $21.99. ISBN 978‐1‐943208‐50‐0
David Larmour
Pages: 296-297

The Russian Kurosawa: Transnational Cinema, or the Art of Speaking Differently by Olga V. Solovieva. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. 338 pp. $100.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐286600‐4
Anna Tropnikova
Pages: 298-299


Russian Liberalism by Paul Robinson. NIU Series in Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies. Ithaca: Cornell University, 2023. x + 289 pp. $17.99 (e‐book). ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐7215‐3
Francis Wcislo
Pages: 300-301

Women Artists in the Reign of Catherine the Great by Rosalind P. Blakesley. London: Lund Humphries, 2023. 152 pp. $64.99. ISBN 978‐1‐84822‐545‐9
Molly Brunson
Pages: 302-303

The Charisma of World Revolution: Revolutionary Internationalism in Early Soviet Society, 1917–1927 by Gleb J. Albert. Translated by Zachary King. Historical Materialism Book Series. Leiden: Brill, 2023. xvi + 569 pp. $230.00. ISBN 978‐90‐04‐52776‐8
Seth Bernstein
Pages: 304-305

Kindheit als Privileg: Bildungsideale und Erziehungspraktiken in Russland (1750–1920) by Katharina Kucher. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 2022. 480 pp. €49.00. ISBN 978‐3‐5935‐1433‐8
Friederike Kind-Kovács
Pages: 306-307

Social Control under Stalin and Khrushchev: The Phantom of a Well‐Ordered State by Immo Rebitschek and Aaron B. Retish, eds. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2023. 368 pp. $90.00. ISBN 978‐1‐4875‐4427‐0
Deborah A. Field
Pages: 308-309

Lake Ladoga: The Coastal History of the Greatest Lake in Europe by Maria Lähteenmäki and Isaac Land, eds. Studia Fennica Historica. Helsinki: SKS, 2023. 237 pp. €45.00 (paper). Open access. ISBN 978‐951‐858‐630‐5
Alexey Golubev
Pages: 310-311

After the Gulag: A History of Memory in Russia's Far North by Tyler C. Kirk. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2023. 308 pp. $70.00. ISBN 978‐0‐2530‐6749‐4
Jeffrey S. Hardy
Pages: 312-313

Reds in Blue: UNESCO, World Governance, and the Soviet Internationalist Imagination by Louis Howard Porter. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. 320 pp. $55.00. ISBN 978‐0‐1976‐5630‐3
Elizabeth Banks
Pages: 314-315

The DJ Who “Brought Down” the USSR: The Life and Legacy of Seva Novgorodsev by Michelle S. Daniel. Modern Biographies. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2023. 308 pp. $149.00. ISBN 978‐1‐64469‐647‐7
Zbigniew Wojnowski
Pages: 316-317

The Multiethnic Soviet Union and its Demise by Brigid O’Keeffe. Russian Shorts. New York: Bloomsbury Academic, 2022. 152 pp. $17.95 (paper). ISBN 978‐1‐3501‐3677‐9
Anna Whittington
Pages: 318-319

Politics of Uncertainty: The United States, the Baltic Question, and the Collapse of the Soviet Union by Una Bergmane. Oxford Studies in International History. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. 256 pp. $45.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐757834‐6
Kevin O’Connor
Pages: 320-321

Social Sciences, Contemporary Russia, and Other

The Foundations of Russian Law by Marianna Muravyeva, ed. London: Hart Publishing, 2023. 464 pp. $115.00. ISBN 978‐1‐78225‐648‐9
Jeffrey Kahn
Pages: 322-323

Cosmopolitan Spaces in Odesa: A Case Study of an Urban Context by Mirja Lecke and Efraim Sicher, eds. Ukrainian Studies. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2023. 352 pp. $149.00. ISBN 979‐8‐8871‐9256‐7
Marina Sapritsky-Nahum
Pages: 324-325

Soviet Self‐Hatred: The Secret Identities of Postsocialism in Contemporary Russia by Eliot Borenstein. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2023. 204 pp. $22.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5017‐6988‐7
Anastasia Gordienko
Pages: 326-328

Sex Work in Contemporary Russia: A Cultural Perspective by Emily Schuckman Matthews. Lanham: Lexington Books, 2023. 292 pp. $110.00. ISBN 978‐1‐66691‐594‐5
Jasmina Savic
Pages: 329-330

Bread and Autocracy: Food, Politics, and Security in Putin’s Russia by Janetta Azarieva, Yitzhak M. Brudny, and Eugene Finkel. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2023. ix + 242 pp. $99.00. ISBN 978‐0‐19‐768436‐8
Stephen Wegren
Pages: 331-332

Russia’s War Against Ukraine by Gwendolyn Sasse. Cambridge, England: Polity Books, 2023. xvi + 157 pp. $45.95. ISBN 978‐1‐5095‐6059‐2
Stephen Blank
Pages: 333

Z Generation: Into the Heart of Russia’s Fascist Youth by Ian Garner. New Perspectives on Eastern Europe and Eurasia. London: Hurst Publishers, 2023. 256 pp. $32.95. ISBN 978‐1‐78738‐928‐1
Julie Hemment
Pages: 334-335


Letter to the Editor
Gary Saul Morson
Pages: 336

Reply to Letter to the Editor
Anthony Anemone
Pages: 337

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