The Journal of American History 110 (2024), 4

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The Journal of American History 110 (2024), 4

Bloomington, IN 2024: Oxford University Press



The Journal of American History
United States
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Managing Settlers, Managing Neighbors: Renarrating Johnson v. McIntosh through the History of Piankashaw Community Building
Joshua A McGonagle Althoff

The “Profane Margins” of the State: Florida Sheriff Walter R. Clark and the Local History of Crime, Policing, and Incarceration
Cindy Hahamovitch

The Origins of the Student Loan Industry in the United States: Richard Cornuelle, United Student Aid Funds, and the Creation of the Guaranteed Student Loan Program
Britain Hopkins

Exposing the Masculinist Narrative in Federal Antislavery Law: A History of U.S. v. Tony Booker (1980)
Karin Zipf

Textbooks and Teaching
Where the Action Is: Departments Transforming the History Curriculum

The History Teaching & Learning Project: Laying the Groundwork for Departmental Change at the University of Colorado Boulder
Natalie Mendoza, Phoebe S K Young, Paul S Sutter

Redesigning for Justice: Rethinking Our Curriculum and Enlarging the Purposes of History Education
Sace Elder, Bonnie Laughlin-Schultz

Shaping What Shapes Us: Lessons Learned from and Possibilities for Departmental Efforts to Redesign History Courses and Curricula
Andrew K Koch, Stephanie M Foote, Brandon Smith, Peter Felten, Susannah McGowan

Flight of the Dodos: History Curriculum at a Large Public University
Ryan M Irwin, Michitake Aso, Alexander Dawson, Maeve Kane, Christopher Pastore ...

Book Reviews

Indian Cities: Histories of Indigenous Urbanization
Ann Keating

Rip Van Winkle's Republic: Washington Irving in History and Memory
Judith Richardson

Talking Back: Native Women and the Making of the Early South
Julie Anne Sweet

Creek Internationalism in an Age of Revolution, 1763–1818
Matthew Bahar

Under the Skin: Tattoos, Scalps, and the Contested Language of Bodies in Early America
Ann Marie Plane

Gray Gold: Lead Mining and Its Impact on the Natural and Cultural Environment, 1700–1840
Bruce E Johansen

The Gaelic and Indian Origins of the American Revolution: Diversity and Empire in the British Atlantic, 1688–1783
Peter C Messer

Walter Ralegh: Architect of Empire
Warren M Billings

The American Revolution and the Habsburg Monarchy
Stephen Conway

Misinformation Nation: Foreign News and the Politics of Truth in Revolutionary America
Catherine O'Donnell

Taking Sides in Revolutionary New Jersey: Caught in the Crossfire
Jeffry H Morrison

Female Genius: Eliza Harriot and George Washington at the Dawn of the Constitution
Charlene M Boyer Lewis

The Permanent Resident: Excavations and Explorations of George Washington's Life
John Michael

Real Americans: National Identity, Violence, and the Constitution
Cory James Young

“To Save the People from Themselves”: The Emergence of American Judicial Review and the Transformation of Constitutions
Sally E Hadden

New Democracy: The Creation of the Modern American State
Kenneth Lipartito

Young America: The Transformation of Nationalism before the Civil War
Nicole Etcheson

America's Book: The Rise and Decline of a Bible Civilization, 1794–1911
Jonathan D Sassi

Passion Plays: How Religion Shaped Sports in North America
Arthur Remillard

The Imperial Church: Catholic Founding Fathers and United States Empire
Jason K Duncan

The Most Absolute Abolition: Runaways, Vigilance Committees, and the Rise of Revolutionary Abolitionism, 1835–1861
David Gellman

Street Diplomacy: The Politics of Slavery and Freedom in Philadelphia, 1820–1850
Mark Boonshoft

Almost Dead: Slavery and Social Rebirth in the Black Urban Atlantic, 1680–1807
Tammy Byron

Replanting a Slave Society: The Sugar and Cotton Revolutions in the Lower Mississippi Valley
Christopher Clark

Masters of Health: Racial Science and Slavery in U.S. Medical Schools
V Lynn Kennedy

Bloody Flag of Anarchy: Unionism in South Carolina during the Nullification Crisis
Paul Quigley

True Blue: White Unionists in the Deep South during the Civil War and Reconstruction
Matthew Christopher Hulbert

Engineering in the Confederate Heartland
Earl J Hess

A Long Reconstruction: Racial Caste and Reconciliation in the Methodist Episcopal Church
Matthew J Zacharias Harper

Lost Causes: Confederate Demobilization and the Making of Veteran Identity
Jesse Gant

Love and Duty: Confederate Widows and the Emotional Politics of Loss
Timothy Haggerty

The Imperial Gridiron: Manhood, Civilization, and Football at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School
John A Goodwin

Hurricane Jim Crow: How the Great Sea Island Storm of 1893 Shaped the Lowcountry South
Thomas Blake Earle

Resident Strangers: Immigrant Laborers in New South Alabama
Jack Glazier

Without Destroying Ourselves: A Century of Native Intellectual Activism for Higher Education
Frederick E Hoxie

From the New Deal to the War on Schools: Race, Inequality, and the Rise of the Punitive Education State
Susan Levine

Dangerous Medicine: The Story behind Human Experiments with Hepatitis
Nicolas Rasmussen

Managing Sex in the U.S. Military: Gender, Identity, and Behavior
Christopher Levesque

Panama in Black: Afro-Caribbean World Making in the Twentieth Century
Felix Jean-Louis, III

Organizing Women: Home, Work, and the Institutional Infrastructure of Print in Twentieth-Century America
Marilyn Greenwald

Subversive Habits: Black Catholic Nuns in the Long African American Freedom Struggle
Juan Marcial Floyd-Thomas

Toxic Debt: An Environmental Justice History of Detroit
Rob Gioielli

The Bosses' Union: How Employers Organized to Fight Labor before the New Deal
Paul Mishler

Mining Irish-American Lives: Western Communities from 1849 to 1920
Howard Lune

Rewriting Citizenship: Women, Race, and Nineteenth-Century Print Culture
Claudia Stokes

Biotic Borders: Transpacific Plant and Insect Migration and the Rise of Anti-Asian Racism in America, 1890–1950
Colin Fisher

Respectably Catholic and Scientific: Evolution and Birth Control between the World Wars
David E Settje

The Tormented Alliance: American Servicemen and the Occupation of China, 1941–1949
Robert K Brigham

Plowshares into Swords: Weaponized Knowledge, Liberal Order, and the League of Nations
David W Ellwood

Muslims of the Heartland: How Syrian Immigrants Made a Home in the American Midwest
James F Goode

Labor's Outcasts: Migrant Farmworkers and Unions in North America, 1934–1966
Frank P Barajas

The Transformation of American Sex Education: Mary Calderone and the Fight for Sexual Health
Jennifer Burek Pierce

All Health Politics Is Local: Community Battles for Medical Care and Environmental Health
Jennifer Thomson

Faith and Power: Latino Religious Politics since 1945
Joseph Locke

A Nation of Veterans: War, Citizenship, and the Welfare State in Modern America
Donald R Shaffer

You Will Never Be One of Us: A Teacher, a Texas Town, and the Rural Roots of Radical Conservatism
Dolph Briscoe, IV

Hemispheric Alliances: Liberal Democrats and Cold War Latin America
James F Siekmeier

Suburban Empire: Cold War Militarization in the U.S. Pacific
Joseph Keith

Cold War Radio: The Russian Broadcasts of the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Andrew Hunt

Before Busing: A History of Boston's Long Black Freedom Struggle
Eben Miller

Struggling to Learn: An Intimate History of School Desegregation in South Carolina
Jan Bates Wheeler

Revolution by Law: The Federal Government and the Desegregation of Alabama Schools
June Manning Thomas

The Tuskegee Student Uprising: A History
Aaron G Fountain, Jr

Living the Dream: The Contested History of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Rose Thevenin

The Arc of Truth: The Thinking of Martin Luther King Jr
Troy Jackson

Up against the Law: Radical Lawyers and Social Movements, 1960s–1970s
Sarah Hart Brown

Rock and Roll, Desegregation Movements, and Racism in the Post–Civil Rights Era: An “Integrated Effort.”
Ulrich Adelt

Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Power Politics
Debra L Schultz

Detention Empire: Reagan's War on Immigrants and the Seeds of Resistance
Steven Wilson

When a Dream Dies: Agriculture, Iowa, and the Farm Crisis of the 1980s
Rebecca Conard

The Olympics That Never Happened: Denver '76 and the Politics of Growth
Lane Demas

The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era
Daryl A Carter

The Triumph of Broken Promises: The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism
Christopher Vials

Chicanx Utopias: Pop Culture and the Politics of the Possible
Ariana Vigil

Digital History Reviews

Layered Lives: Rhetoric and Representation in the Southern Life History Project
Tara Mitchell Mielnik

Detroit under Fire: Police Violence, Crime Politics, and the Struggle for Racial Justice in the Civil Rights Era
Kevin Boyle

ClioVis: Visualizing Connections
Jason A Heppler

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor
Warren E Milteer, Jr


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