Journal of Medieval History 50 (2024), 1

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Journal of Medieval History 50 (2024), 1

Oxford 2024: Taylor & Francis
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Journal of Medieval History (JMH)
United Kingdom
C.M. Woolgar, Dept. of History, School of Humanities, University of Southampton, University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ, UK
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Research Articles

The judgement of God and the fate of a dog: the ninth-century ordeal debate and the anonymous Song of Count Timo
Amos Bronner
Pages: 1-19

Law and spiritual sanctions: asserting the stability of pro anima donation charters in late tenth- and eleventh-century central Italy
Maya Maskarinec
Pages: 20-46

Noble violence and civic justice: rural lords under trial in the Italian city communes 1276–1322
Lorenzo Caravaggi
Pages: 47-68

Of relics and kings: Cyprus in Franciscan apocrypha of the Trecento
Anthi Andronikou
Pages: 69-91

Out of sight, out of mind? The wills of monastic and mendicant bishops in Britain and Ireland, 1350–1535
David E. Thornton
Pages: 92-118

‘For help and comfort and to resist the enemy of God’: Greek refugees in the Burgundian Low Countries
Hendrik Callewier
Pages: 119-139

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