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Isis 115 (2024), 2




United States
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Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Remembrance of Auroras Past: The Enlightenment Search for Northern Lights in Historical Sources
Jin-Woo Choi
pp. 215-240.

Brazilian Dromedaries: A History of Acclimatization, Agricultural Modernization, and Camelids, 1857–1867
David Francisco de Moura Penteado
pp. 241-266.

Demarcating a Pure Land: CFido as a Cyberspace for Computer Amateurs in 1990s China
Wen-Ching Sung, Chen-Pang Yeang, and Zhixiang Cheng
pp. 267-291.

Musk and the Making of Macromolecules: Perfumes and Polymers in the History of Organic Chemistry
Galina Shyndriayeva
pp. 292-311.

Thinking the Earth with the Body: How the Anatomist Nicolaus Steno (1638–1686) Read History in the Earth’s Strata
Nuno Castel-Branco
pp. 312-334.

Over Spilt Milk: British Scientific Humanitarianism and the Quest for International Standards
Alma Igra
pp. 335-353.

The Product of Practices: How Natural History and Mathematical Physics Gave Meaning to Cartography’s Depth Contour Lines
Jip van Besouw
pp. 354-375.

History of Science Society Annual Meeting, 2023
Jaipreet Virdi and Courtney E. Thompson
pp. 376-384.

Eloge: Roger H. Stuewer (1934–2022)
Alberto A. Martinez
pp. 385-388.

Eloge: Mary Terrall (1952–2023)
Ted Porter and Norton Wise
pp. 389-390.

Eloge: Juan José Saldaña González (1944–2022)
María de la Paz Ramos-Lara and Luis Carlos Arboleda Aparicio
pp. 391-393.

Francesca Bray; Barbara Hahn; John Bosco Lourdusamy; Tiago Saraiva. Moving Crops and the Scales of History.
Courtney Fullilove
pp. 394-395.

Dimitri Kastritsis; Anna Stavrakopoulou; Angus Stewart, eds. Imagined Geographies in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Beyond.
Emilie Savage-Smith
pp. 395-397.

James Poskett. Horizons: The Global Origins of Modern Science.
Christine Y. L. Luk
pp. 397-398.

Jochen Althoff; Dominik Berrens; Tanja Pommerening, eds. Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing? The Construction and Transfer of Knowledge in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Harun Küçük
pp. 399-400.

Dmitri Levitin. The Kingdom of Darkness: Bayle, Newton, and the Emancipation of the European Mind from Philosophy.
Lewis Ashman
pp. 400-401.

Maria-Theresia Leuker; Esther Helena Arens; Charlotte Kießling. Rumphius’ Naturkunde: Zirkulation in Kolonialen Wissensräumen.
Brooke Penaloza-Patzak
pp. 402-403.

Ann Blair; Kaspar von Greyerz, eds. Physico-Theology: Religion and Science in Europe, 1650–1750.
Stephen D. Snobelen
pp. 403-406.

Markus Friedrich. The Maker of Pedigrees: Jakob Wilhelm Imhoff and the Meanings of Genealogy in Early Modern Europe.
Mackenzie Cooley
pp. 406-407.

Sharon Ruston. The Science of Life and Death in “Frankenstein.”.
Michelle DiMeo
pp. 407-409.

Massimo Mazzotti. Reactionary Mathematics: A Genealogy of Purity.
Amir Alexander
pp. 409-411.

Martin P. M. Weiss. Showcasing Science: A History of Teylers Museum in the Nineteenth Century.
Ilja Nieuwland
pp. 411-412.

Eric Herschthal. The Science of Abolition: How Slaveholders Became the Enemies of Progress.
Jean Max Charles
pp. 412-413.

Emily Pawley. The Nature of the Future: Agriculture, Science, and Capitalism in the Antebellum North.
Christopher Halm
pp. 413-414.

Philipp Müller. Kopf und Herz: Die Forschungspraxis von Johann Gustav Droysen.
Christoph Schmitt
pp. 415-416.

Jim Downs. Maladies of Empire: How Colonialism, Slavery, and War Transformed Medicine.
Chris Blakley
pp. 416-417.

Nancy Rose Marshall, ed. Victorian Science and Imagery: Representation and Knowledge in Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture.
Eva Åhrén
pp. 417-418.

Charles S. Bryan, ed. Sir William Osler: An Encyclopedia.
Sarah E. Naramore
pp. 419-420.

Marina Mogilner. A Race for the Future: Scientific Visions of Modern Russian Jewishness.
Ian McGonigle
pp. 420-421.

Andrew Scull. Desperate Remedies: Psychiatry’s Turbulent Quest to Cure Mental Illness.
Shilpi Rajpal
pp. 421-422.

Chris Otter. Diet for a Large Planet: Industrial Britain, Food Systems, and World Ecology.
Victoria Lee
pp. 422-423.

Viktoria Tkaczyk. Thinking with Sound: A New Program in the Sciences and Humanities around 1900.
Yang Wang
pp. 424-425.

Philipp Lehmann. Desert Edens: Colonial Climate Engineering in the Age of Anxiety.
Floris Winckel
pp. 425-426.

Elizabeth Grennan Browning. Nature’s Laboratory: Environmental Thought and Labor Radicalism in Chicago, 1886–1937.
Kendra Smith-Howard
pp. 426-427.

Adrian Johns. The Science of Reading: Information, Media, and Mind in Modern America.
Andrew S. Lea
pp. 428-429.

Ian Christie. Robert Paul and the Origins of British Cinema.
Patrick Ellis
pp. 429-430.

Stephen Robertson. B C, Before Computers: On Information Technology from Writing to the Age of Digital Data.
Hansun Hsiung
pp. 430-431.

Alla Vronskaya. Architecture of Life: Soviet Modernism and the Human Sciences.
Ekaterina Babintseva
pp. 431-433.

Max Liboiron. Pollution Is Colonialism.
Awadhendra Sharan
pp. 433-434.

John Krige, ed. Knowledge Flows in a Global Age: A Transnational Approach.
Youjung Shin
pp. 434-435.

Laura J. Martin. Wild by Design: The Rise of Ecological Restoration.
Raf De Bont
pp. 436-437.

Sandra Eder. How the Clinic Made Gender: The Medical History of a Transformative Idea.
Greta LaFleur
pp. 437-438.

Nathan Crowe. Forgotten Clones: The Birth of Cloning and the Biological Revolution.
Doogab Yi
pp. 439-439.

Gordon Barrett. China’s Cold War Science Diplomacy.
Yi-Tang Lin
pp. 440-441.

Elizabeth T. Hurren. Hidden Histories of the Dead: Disputed Bodies in Modern British Medical Research.
Salim Al-Gailani
pp. 441-442.

Allan V. Horwitz. DSM: A History of Psychiatry’s Bible.
Catharine Coleborne
pp. 442-443.

David Demortain. The Science of Bureaucracy: Risk Decision-Making and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Michael Egan
pp. 444-445.

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