The American Historical Review 129 (2024), 2

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The American Historical Review 129 (2024), 2

Washington DC [u.a.] 2024: Selbstverlag des Herausgebers



American Historical Review (AHR)
United States
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Melanie Strauß, Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Chivalry Without Women: The Way of the Samurai and Swinton’s World History in 1890s Japan
Sarah Thal

Gulistan in Black and White: The Racial and Gendered Legacies of Slavery in Nineteenth-Century Qajar Iran border=
Leila Pourtavaf

Late Acceleration: The Indian Emergency and the Early 1970s Energy Crisis
Elizabeth Chatterjee


Inside the History Lab
Mark Philip Bradley

Digital History

The Coded Language of Empire: Digital History, Archival Deep Dives, and the Imperial United States in Cuba’s Third War of Independence
Kalani Craig, Arlene J Díaz, David Kloster

The Revolution in Text Mining for Historical Analysis is Here
Jo Guldi

AHR History Lab

Globalizing Publics border=
Valeska Huber

Writing: The World of Newspapers
Emma Hunter

Translating: In Search of the Global Public
Nile Green

Reading: The Project of Universal Literacy border=
Valeska Huber

Listening: Radio and its Unintended Publics
Ismay Milford

Staging: Intercultural Publics
Sophie-Jung Hyun Kim

Conferencing: The Global South as Public and Counterpublic border=
Su Lin Lewis

Institutionalizing: NGOs and Global Publics border=
Sarah Bellows-Blakely

Influencing: Ephemeral Publics in States of Emergency
Ali Karimi

Antagonizing: Reactionary Publics border=
Katharina Rietzler

Mobilizing: State Socialist Media and the “Women of the World” border=
Lea Börgerding

Globalizing Publics and the Future of Political History: Comment on the Forum border=
Glenda Sluga

#AHR Syllabus

Teaching How Official History Is Made: State Standards as Primary Sources
Stephen Jackson

How to Teach an AHR Article border=
Rebecca Earle

History Unclassified

Grassroots Archives: Memory, Dictatorship, and the City
Daniel McDonald


The Long and Wide Environmental Justice Movement: Dispatches from Flint and Detroit
Andrew R Highsmith

A Fuller Civil Rights Story in Black Americans, Civil Rights, and the Roosevelts, 1932–1962
Allison Puglisi

Rayford Logan, Public Affairs, and the Practice of History
Kenneth Janken



Muzaffar Alam. The Mughals and the Sufis: Islam and Political Imagination in India, 1500–1750.
Usha Sanyal

Simon Avenell. Asia and Postwar Japan: Deimperialization, Civic Activism, and National Identity.
Sayaka Chatani

Bryna Goodman. The Suicide of Miss Xi: Democracy and Disenchantment in the Chinese Republic.
Mark McNicholas

China’s Hidden Century.
Weipin Tsai

Deana Heath. Colonial Terror: Torture and State Violence in Colonial India.
Partha Pratim Shil

Abhishek Kaicker. The King and the People: Sovereignty and Popular Politics in Mughal Delhi.
Sumit Guha

Victoria Lee. The Arts of the Microbial World: Fermentation Science in Twentieth-Century Japan.
Christoph Gradmann

Weijing Lu. Arranged Companions: Marriage and Intimacy in Qing China.
Grace S Fong

Melissa Macauley. Distant Shores: Colonial Encounters on China’s Maritime Frontier.
Michael Szonyi

James McHugh. An Unholy Brew: Alcohol in Indian History and Religions.
Nandini Bhattacharya

Anindya Raychaudhuri. Narrating South Asian Partition: Oral History, Literature, Cinema.
Sukeshi Kamra

Thomas H. Reilly. Saving the Nation: Chinese Protestant Elites and the Quest to Build a New China, 1922–1952.
Nanlai Cao

Isaac McKean Scarborough. Moscow’s Heavy Shadow: The Violent Collapse of the USSR.
Tim Epkenhans

Waleed Ziad. Hidden Caliphate: Sufi Saints beyond the Oxus and Indus.
Mark Sedgwick


Edward L. Ayers. Southern Journey: The Migrations of the American South, 1790–2020.
Amanda Bellows

Damon R. Bach. The American Counterculture: A History of Hippies and Cultural Dissidents.
Robert C Cottrell

Kevin Boyle. The Shattering: America in the 1960s.
Sarah King

Jon Butler. God in Gotham: The Miracle of Religion in Modern Manhattan.
James Hudnut-Beumler

Brandon R. Byrd. The Black Republic: African Americans and the Fate of Haiti.
Erica Johnson

Ryan Lee Cartwright. Peculiar Places: A Queer Crip History of White Rural Nonconformity.
Julio Capó, Jr.

Sarah Deutsch. Making a Modern U.S. West: The Contested Terrain of a Region and Its Borders, 1898–1940.
Kristofer Allerfeldt

Alejandra Dubcovsky. Talking Back: Native Women and the Making of the Early South.
Kristalyn Shefveland

Elizabeth N. Ellis. The Great Power of Small Nations: Indigenous Diplomacy in the Gulf South.
Robert B Caldwell, Jr.

Adam Fairclough. Bulldozed and Betrayed: Louisiana and the Stolen Elections of 1876.
Justin Behrend

Robert Pierce Forbes, ed. Notes on the State of Virginia: An Annotated Edition.
Daniel Klinghard

Melissa Ford. A Brick and a Bible: Black Women’s Radical Activism in the Midwest during the Great Depression.
Victoria W Wolcott

Justin Gage. We Do Not Want the Gates Closed between Us: Native Networks and the Spread of the Ghost Dance.
Frank Rzeczkowski

Andrea Geiger. Converging Empires: Citizens and Subjects in the North Pacific Borderlands, 1867–1945.
Brenden W Rensink

Gary Gerstle. The Rise and Fall of the Neoliberal Order: America and the World in the Free Market Era.
Kirsten Swinth

Deanna M. Gillespie. The Citizenship Education Program and Black Women’s Political Culture.
Tiyi Morris

Reed Gochberg. Useful Objects: Museums, Science, and Literature in Nineteenth-Century America.
Ann Fabian

Abby L. Goode. Agrotopias: An American Literary History of Sustainability.
Catherine McNeur

Lewis A. Grossman. Choose Your Medicine: Freedom of Therapeutic Choice in America.
Kathleen Bachynski

Libra R. Hilde. Slavery, Fatherhood, and Paternal Duty in African American Communities over the Long Nineteenth Century.
Jürgen Martschukat

Katy Hull. The Machine Has a Soul: American Sympathy with Italian Fascism.
Silvana Patriarca

Susan Lee Johnson. Writing Kit Carson: Fallen Heroes in a Changing West.
Cynthia C Prescott

Richard N. Juliani. Philadelphia’s Germans: From Colonial Settlers to Enemy Aliens.
Marie Basile McDaniel

Maeve E. Kane. Shirts Powdered Red: Haudenosaunee Gender, Trade, and Exchange Across Three Centuries.
Elspeth Martini

Antti Lepistö. The Rise of Common-Sense Conservatism: The American Right and the Reinvention of the Scottish Enlightenment.
C B Bow

Kathryn Gin Lum. Heathen: Religion and Race in American History.
Katherine Carté

Daniel R. Mandell. The Lost Tradition of Economic Equality in America, 1600–1870.
Barry J Levy

Spencer W. McBride. Joseph Smith for President: The Prophet, the Assassins, and the Fight for American Religious Freedom.
David Sehat

Carol Lynn McKibben. Salinas: A History of Race and Resilience in an Agricultural City.
Mark Wild

Edward H. Miller. A Conspiratorial Life: Robert Welch, the John Birch Society, and the Revolution of American Conservatism.
Kyle Burke

Koritha Mitchell. From Slave Cabins to the White House: Homemade Citizenship in African American Culture.
Maya Hislop

Joshua Myers. Cedric Robinson: The Time of the Black Radical Tradition.
Christopher Tinson

Luke A. Nichter. The Last Brahmin: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. and the Making of the Cold War.
Robert K Brigham

Alison M. Parker. Unceasing Militant: The Life of Mary Church Terrell.
Melissa Ford

Christian Pinnen. Complexion of Empire in Natchez: Race and Slavery in the Mississippi Borderlands.
Miller Shores Wright

Richard W. Pointer. Pacifist Prophet: Papunhank and the Quest for Peace in Early America.
Gunlög Fur

Sarah J. Purcell. Spectacle of Grief: Public Funerals and Memory in the Civil War Era.
Angela Esco Elder

Jason Resnikoff. Labor’s End: How the Promise of Automation Degraded Work.
Sarah Stanford-McIntyre

Bryan C. Rindfleisch. Brothers of Coweta: Kinship, Empire, and Revolution in the Eighteenth-Century Muscogee World.
Kristalyn M Shefveland

Claudio Saunt. Unworthy Republic: The Dispossession of Native Americans and the Road to Indian Territory.
John P Bowes

Rebecca Sharpless. Grain and Fire: A History of Baking in the American South.
Megan J Elias

Joe William Trotter Jr. Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America.
Peter Rachleff

Jacki Hedlund Tyler. Leveraging an Empire: Settler Colonialism and the Legalities of Citizenship in the Pacific Northwest.
Jason E Pierce

Van Gosse. The First Reconstruction: Black Politics in America from the Revolution to the Civil War.
Andrew Diemer

Stephen Vider. The Queerness of Home: Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of Domesticity after World War II.
Heather Murray

Michael Weeks. Cattle Beet Capital: Making Industrial Agriculture in Northern Colorado.
Kendra Smith-Howard

Carl R. Weinberg. Red Dynamite: Creationism, Culture Wars, and Anticommunism in America.
Erica J Ryan

Michael John Witgen. Seeing Red: Indigenous Land, American Expansion, and the Political Economy of Plunder in North America.
Michael Leroy Oberg

Fay A. Yarbrough. Choctaw Confederates: The American Civil War in Indian Country.
Tim Alan Garrison

Mary Ziegler. Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present.
Jennifer L Holland


Mark Z. Christensen. Aztec and Maya Apocalypses: Old World Tales of Doom in a New World Setting.
Mark W Lentz

Carlos S. Dimas. Poisoned Eden: Cholera Epidemics, State-Building, and the Problem of Public Health in Tucumán, Argentina, 1865–1908.
Marcos Cueto

Erika Denise Edwards. Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women, the Law, and the Making of a White Argentine Republic.
Bridget María Chesterton

Frederico Freitas. Nationalizing Nature: Iguazu Falls and National Parks at the Brazil-Argentina Border.
Emily Wakild

Anasa Hicks. Hierarchies at Home: Domestic Service in Cuba from Abolition to Revolution.
Bonnie Lucero

Sarah T. Hines. Water for All: Community, Property, and Revolution in Modern Bolivia.
Jennifer Eaglin

Elizabeth Quay Hutchison. Workers Like All the Rest of Them: Domestic Service and the Rights of Labor in Twentieth-Century Chile.
Edward Brudney

James V. Mestaz. Strength from the Waters: A History of Indigenous Mobilization in Northwest Mexico.
Stephen E Lewis

Diana J. Montaño. Electrifying Mexico: Technology and the Transformation of a Modern City.
Mauricio Tenorio

Bryan Pitts. Until the Storm Passes: Politicians, Democracy, and the Demise of Brazil’s Military Dictatorship.
James N Green

Christina Ramos. Bedlam in the New World: A Mexican Madhouse in the Age of Enlightenment.
Pamela Voekel

Anadelia Romo. Selling Black Brazil: Race, Nation, and Visual Culture in Salvador, Bahia.
Vanessa Castañeda

Julia J. S. Sarreal. Yerba Mate: The Drink That Shaped a Nation.
Thomas Whigham

John F. Schwaller. The Stations of the Cross in Colonial Mexico: The Via crucis en mexicano by Fray Agustín de Vetancurt and the Spread of a Devotion.
Susan Kellogg

Jennifer Koshatka Seman. Borderlands Curanderos: The Worlds of Santa Teresa Urrea and Don Pedrito Jaramillo.
Linda Gordon

Blake C. Scott. Unpacked: A History of Caribbean Tourism.
Evan Ward


Paul Adler. No Globalization Without Representation: U.S. Activists and World Inequality.
Agnieszka Sobocinska

Muhsin J. Al-Musawi. The Arabian Nights in Contemporary World Cultures: Global Commodification, Translation, and the Culture Industry.
Cristina Bacchilega

Anthony J. Barbieri-Low. Ancient Egypt and Early China: State, Society, and Culture.
Lisa Sabbahy

James Belich. The World the Plague Made: The Black Death and the Rise of Europe.
Kristy Wilson Bowers

Eileen Boris. Making the Woman Worker: Precarious Labor and the Fight for Global Standards, 1919–2019.
Alissa Klots

Francesca Bray, Barbara Hahn, John Bosco Lourdusamy, and Tiago Saraiva. Moving Crops and the Scales of History.
David Kinkela

Jovan Čavoški. Non-Aligned Movement Summits: A History.
Rinna Kullaa

Holger Droessler. Coconut Colonialism: Workers and the Globalization of Samoa.
Alvita Akiboh

Joan Flores-Villalobos. The Silver Women: How Black Women’s Labor Made the Panama Canal.
Casey Marina Lurtz

Mark Gamsa. Harbin: A Cross-Cultural Biography.
Henrietta Harrison

Adom Getachew. Worldmaking after Empire: The Rise and Fall of Self-Determination.
Vivien Chang

Jo Guldi. The Long Land War: The Global Struggle for Occupancy Rights.
Brian DeMare

Burleigh Hendrickson. Decolonizing 1968: Transnational Student Activism in Tunis, Paris, and Dakar.
Amit Prakash

François Jarrige and Thomas Le Roux. The Contamination of the Earth: A History of Pollutions in the Industrial Age.
Joshua P Howe

Scott Reynolds Nelson. Oceans of Grain: How American Wheat Remade the World.
David Moon

Ricardo Padrón. The Indies of the Setting Sun: How Early Modern Spain Mapped the Far East as the Transpacific West.
Antonio Barrera-Osorio

Caroline Dodds Pennock. On Savage Shores: How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe.
Peter Villella

Nigel Rothfels. Elephant Trails: A History of Animals and Cultures.
Susan Nance

Gunja SenGupta and Awam Amkpa. Sojourners, Sultans, and Slaves: America and the Indian Ocean in the Age of Abolition and Empire.
Jane Hooper


Jennifer L. Allen. Sustainable Utopias: The Art and Politics of Hope in Germany.
Anna von der Goltz

Aurélie Dianara Andry. Social Europe, the Road Not Taken: The Left and European Integration in the Long 1970s.
Talbot Imlay

Josiah Blackmore. The Inner Sea: Maritime Literary Culture in Early Modern Portugal.
Marilia Lopes

Jorge Marco and Gutmaro Gomez Bravo. The Fabric of Fear: Building Franco’s New Society in Spain, 1936–1950.
Peter Anderson

Rachel Chin. War of Words: Britain, France and Discourses of Empire during the Second World War.
Aviel Roshwald

James G. Clark. The Dissolution of the Monasteries: A New History.
R Po-chia Hsia

Sarah Ann Frank. Hostages of Empire: Colonial Prisoners of War in Vichy France.
Eric T Jennings

Andreas Guidi. Generations of Empire: Youth from Ottoman to Italian Rule in the Mediterranean.
Nicholas Doumanis

Bettina Hitzer. The History of Cancer and Emotions in Twentieth-Century Germany.
Greg Eghigian

Ke-Chin Hsia. Victims’ State: War and Welfare in Austria, 1868–1925.
Gary B Cohen

Christopher J. Lane. Callings and Consequences: The Making of Catholic Vocational Culture in Early Modern France.
Annette Chapman-Adisho

Peter L. Larson. Rethinking the Great Transition: Community and Economic Growth in County Durham, 1349–1660.
Tim Reinke-Williams

Simon Mills. A Commerce of Knowledge: Trade, Religion, and Scholarship between England and the Ottoman Empire, c. 1600–1760.
Daniel Carey

Joy Palacios. Ceremonial Splendor: Performing Priesthood in Early Modern France.
Katherine Crawford

Lyndal Roper. Living I Was Your Plague: Martin Luther’s World and Legacy.
Bonnie Noble

Karl Schlögel. The Soviet Century: Archaeology of a Lost World.
David L Hoffmann

Donna A. Seger. The Practical Renaissance: Information Culture and the Quest for Knowledge in Early Modern England, 1500–1640.
Sara Barker

Alexandre Sumpf. The Broken Years: Russia’s Disabled War Veterans, 1904–1921.
David L Hoffmann

Suzanne Sutherland. The Rise of the Military Entrepreneur: War, Diplomacy, and Knowledge in Habsburg Europe. border=
Juan Navarro Loidi

Adam Świątek. Gente Rutheni, Natione Poloni: The Ruthenians of Polish Nationality in Habsburg Galicia.
Keely Stauter-Halsted

Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva. Ivan Mazepa and the Russian Empire.
Brian Davies

Niccolo Valmori. Banking and Politics in the Age of Democratic Revolution.
Erika Vause

Jessica Winston. Lawyers at Play: Literature, Law, and Politics at the Early Modern Inns of Court, 1558–1581.
Penelope Geng

Marcin Zaremba. Entangled in Fear: Everyday Terror in Poland, 1944–1947.
A J Prażmowska

Jörg Zedler. Schreiben ins Exil: Briefe der Wiener Jüdin Ella Wenger 1938–1942.
Michael Geyer


Janna Coomans. Community, Urban Health and Environment in the Late Medieval Low Countries.
Jelle Haemers

Peter Edwell. Rome and Persia at War: Imperial Competition and Contact, 193–363 CE.
Jake Nabel

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