Social History of Medicine 37 (2024), 1

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Social History of Medicine 37 (2024), 1

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Social History of Medicine
United Kingdom
Jakob Schneider, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


Original Articles

Sugar-Sick Yet Healthy: Changing Concepts of Disease in the Dutch Diabetics Association (1945–1970)
Floor Haalboom

Skodsborg Badesanatorium: An Adventist Health Resort on the Fringe of Danish Public Healthcare 1898–1992
Anders Bank Lodahl

‘The Husband, For Whom She Endures All This’: Dutch Men in Childbirth, 1900–1940
Hieke Huistra

‘Drowned in a Sea of Inhumanity’: Natural Childbirth, Postnatal Depression and the National Childbirth Trust, 1956–80s
Hilary Marland

The Moment of Patient Safety: Iatrogenic Injury, Clinical Error and Cultures of Healthcare in the NHS
Christopher Sirrs

Material History, Historied Materials and the Question of Epistemic Freedom in Ghana’s Medical Schools
John Nott

From Praising the Remedy to Eulogising the Patient: Cristóbal de Castillejo’s Satire of Guaiac in Early Modern Spain
Ivana Bičak

Slow Workers: Labelling and Labouring in Britain, c. 1909–1955
Lucy Delap

Cutting Bodies, Reaping Souls: Catholic Medical Missionaries between Rome and East Africa around 1700
Brendan Röder

‘Of One Blood?’: Gendered Propaganda and Blood Donor Behaviour in Wartime Bristol and South West England, 1939–1945
John Beales

Book Reviews

Wei Yu Wayne Tan, Blind in Early Modern Japan: Disability, Medicine, and Identity
Kerry Shannon

Alanna Skuse, Surgery and Selfhood in Early Modern England. Altered Bodies and Contexts of Identity
Bianca Frohne

Kristy Wilson Bowers, Renaissance Surgeons: Learning and Expertise in the Age of Print
Cynthia Klestinec

Sean M. Quinlan, Morbid Undercurrents: Medical Subcultures in Post-revolutionary France
Angela C Haas

Lynn McDonald, Florence Nightingale and the Medical Men: Working Together for Health Care Reform
Richard Bates

Sara E. Black, Drugging France: Mind-Altering Medicine in the Long Nineteenth Century
Alexandre Marchant

Travis Hay, Inventing the Thrifty Gene: The Science of Settler Colonialism
James Daschuk

Nicholas K. Menzies, Ordering the Myriad Things. From Traditional Knowledge to Scientific Botany in China
Iwo Amelung

Maurits Bastiaan Meerwijk, A History of Plague in Java, 1911-1942
Vivek Neelakantan

Heather Murray, Asylum Ways of Seeing: Psychiatric Patients, American Thought and Culture
Joel T Braslow

Sally Sheldon, Gayle Davis, Jane O’Neill and Clare Parker, The Abortion Act 1967: A Biography of a UK Law
Hannah Charnock

Noortje Jacobs, Ethics by Committee: A History of Reasoning Together About Medicine, Science, Society, and the State
Edward S Dove

Simon Peng-Keller, Fabian Winiger and Raphael Rauch, The Spirit of Global Health: The World Health Organization and the Spiritual Dimension of Health, 1946-2021
Simplice Ayangma Bonoho

Esyllt W. Jones, James Hanley, and Delia Gravus, Medicare’s Histories: Origins Omissions, and Opportunities in Canada
Gregory P Marchildon

Catherine Carstairs, The Smile Gap: A History of Oral Health and Social Inequality
Claire L Jones

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