Bulletin of Latin American Research 43 (2024), 3

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Bulletin of Latin American Research 43 (2024), 3

Chichester 2024: Wiley-Blackwell
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Bulletin of Latin American Research (BLAR)
United Kingdom
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Open Access
Mexico's Dirty War: A Reassessment
Alex Aviña, Benjamin T. Smith
Pages: 211-224
First Published: 12 March 2024

Belonging to No One, to Everyone, and for Whom? Learnings from the Disputes about the Public Dimension of Education in Chile's Constitutional Convention
Carmelo Galioto
Pages: 225-237
First Published: 17 April 2024

Open Access
The Influence of the Militarisation of Bureaucracies during Bolsonaro's Government on Public Opinion about the Brazilian Armed Forces
Tatiana Paula Da Cruz
Pages: 238-250
First Published: 25 April 2024

Open Access
Decoloniality and the Spectre of Modernity: Notes for a Theoretical Critique
Julián Harruch
Pages: 251-262
First Published: 31 May 2024

Open Access
Navigating Physical and Digital Environments: Latin American Video Game Studies in Practice
Paul R. Merchant, Thea Pitman, Edward King
Pages: 263-276
First Published: 17 June 2024

Book Review

Speed, Shannon (2019) Incarcerated Stories: Indigenous Women Migrants and Violence in the Settler‐Capitalist State, University of North Carolina Press (Chapel Hill), v + 153 pp. £81 hbk., £29.95 pbk.
Jessica A. Fernandez de Lara Harada
Pages: 277-278
First Published: 07 July 2024

Pérez Ahumada Pablo (2023) Building Power to Shape Labor Policy: Unions, Employer Associations, and Reform in Neoliberal Chile, University of Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, PA), xiii + 224 pp. US$55.00 hdbk.
J. Patrice McSherry
Pages: 278-279
First Published: 07 July 2024

Jarman, Rebecca (2023) Representing the Barrios: Culture, Politics, and Urban Poverty in Twentieth‐Century Caracas, University of Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, PA), 352 pp. $60 hbk.
Harry Rodgers
Pages: 279-280
First Published: 07 July 2024

María Pia López (2020) Not One Less. Mourning, Disobedience and Desire, Polity Press (Cambridge and Medford, MA) (Tr. Frances Riddle), xvi + 192 pp. $19.95 pbk, $64.95 hbk.
Niki Johnson
Pages: 280-281
First Published: 07 July 2024

Hulsether, Lucia (2023) Capitalist Humanitarianism, Duke University Press (Durham and London), xvi + 248 pp. $99.95 hbk, $25.95 pbk.
Carolina Flores Gusmão
Pages: 281-283
First Published: 07 July 2024

Cabrera, Lydia (2023) El Monte: Notes on the Religions, Magic, and Folklore of the Black and Creole People of Cuba. Translated by David Font‐Navarrete, Duke University Press (Durham and London), lxxxiii + 680 pp. $37.95 pbk.
Kristina Wirtz
Pages: 283-284
First Published: 07 July 2024

Borges, Fabián (2022) Human Capital Versus Basic Income: Ideology and Models for Anti‐Poverty Programs in Latin America, University of Michigan Press (Ann Arbor, MI), xviii + 270 pp, $70.00 cloth, $34.95 paper
Shiao Wang
Pages: 284-285
First Published: 07 July 2024

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