Classical Quarterly 52 (2002), 2

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Classical Quarterly 52 (2002), 2
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Classical Quarterly (CQ)
United Kingdom
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Hartmann, Udo


The Classical Quarterly 52, Issue 2, December 2002

Robert D. Luginbill, Tyrtaeus 12 West: Come Join the Spartan Army, pp. 405-414

Edward M. Harris, Did Solon Abolish Debt-Bondage?, pp. 415-430

Kyung-Choon Chang, Plato's form of the Beautiful in the Symposium Versus Aristotle's Unmoved Mover in the Metaphysics L, pp. 431-446

Sherylee R. Bassett, Innocent Victims or Perjurers Betrayed? The Arrest of the Generals in Xenophon's Anabasis, pp. 447-461

John Dillery, Ephebes in the Stadium (Not the Theatre): Ath. Pol. 42.4 and Ig II2.351, pp. 462-470

Francis Cairns, Acontius and His ou'noma kouridion: Callimachus Aetia fr. 67.1-4 Pf., pp. 471-477

Helen Peraki-Kyriakidou, Aspects of Ancient Etymologizing, pp. 478-493

H. Sidebottom, Pausanias: Past, Present, and Closure, pp. 494-499

Erica Carotenuto, Five Egyptians Coming from Jerusalem: Some Remarks on Eusebius, De Martyribus Palestinae 11.6-13, pp. 500-506

J. L. Butrica, Clodius the Pulcher in Catullus and Cicero, pp. 507-516

G. O. Hutchinson, The Publication and Individuality of Horace's Odes Books 1-3, pp. 517-537

Andreas N. Michalopoulos, Lucius' Suicide Attempts in Apuleius' Metamorphoses, pp. 538-548

T. W. Hillard, The Nile Cruise of Cleopatra and Caesar, pp. 549-554

Andrew Lintott, Freedmen and Slaves in the Light of Legal Documents from First-Century A.D. Campania, pp. 555-565

Garrett G. Fagan, Messalina's Folly, pp. 566-579

Shorter Notes

Jackie Murray, Waking up to Iliad 7.434, pp. 580-581

J. H. Hordern, Semonides, fr. 7. 41-2, pp. 581-582

Laura D. Steele, Mesopotamian Elements in the Proem of Parmenides? Correspondences Between the Sun-Gods Helios and Shamash, pp. 583-588

Nino Luraghi, Helots Called Messenians? A Note on Thuc. 1.101.2., pp. 588-592

Michael J. Edwards, Two Awkward Women in Isaeus (IS. 5.9, 26), pp. 592-597

Nicholas Denyer, Neglected Evidence for Diodorus Cronus, pp. 597-600

R. O. A. M. Lyne, Notes on Catullus, pp. 600-608

J. L. Butrica, Catullus 107.7-8, pp. 608-609

J. M. Trappes-Lomax, Three Suggestions in Latin Poetry, pp. 609-612

Sara Rubinelli, The Invention of the Young Cicero, pp. 612-615

Matthew A. S. Carter, Vergilium Vestigare: Aeneid 12.587-8, pp. 615-617

Christopher Nappa, Cold-Blooded Virgil: Bilingual Wordplay at Georgics 2.483-9, pp. 617-620

A. Cucchiarelli, A Note on Vergil, Aeneid 12.941-3, pp. 620-622

P. Murgatroyd, The Rape Attempts on Lotis and Vesta, pp. 622-624

Matthew Leigh Ovid and the Lectisternium (Metamorphoses 8. 651-60), pp. 625-627

Robin Seager, Tacitus, Annals 1.7.1-5, pp. 627-629

A. J. Woodman, Not a Funeral Note: Tacitus, Annals 1.8.5-6, pp. 629-632

Joseph Geiger, A Quotation from Latin in Plutarch?, pp. 632-634

T. J. Leary, Symphosius 80: A Bell of Brass, pp. 634-635

Indexs, pp. 637-640

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