Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies 4 (2015), 2

Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies 4 (2015), 2.
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Fascisms on the European Periphery - part I

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Nigel Copsey (Editor in Chief), Roger Griffin (Consultant Editor), Marjo Bakker (Managing Editor)
online: open access
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Madelon de Keizer (Editor in Chief), Roger Griffin (Consultant Editor), Marjo Bakker (Managing Editor)
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E-Mail: <fascismjournal@niod.knaw.nl>

Fascism publishes peer-reviewed articles in English, mainly but not exclusively by both seasoned researchers and postgraduates exploring the phenomenon of fascism in a comparative context and focusing on such topics as the uniqueness and generic aspects of fascism, patterns in the causal aspects/genesis of various fascisms in political, economic, social, historical, and psychological factors, their expression in art, culture, ritual and propaganda, elements of continuity between interwar and postwar fascisms, their relationship to national and cultural crisis, revolution, modernity/modernism, political religion, totalitarianism, capitalism, communism, extremism, charismatic dictatorship, patriarchy, terrorism, fundamentalism, and other phenomena related to the rise of political and social extremism.



Guest Editors’ Note / Matthew Kott and Tomislav Dulić

Decentering Comparative Fascist Studies / Roger Griffin

Neither Hitler nor Quisling: The Ragnarok Circle and Oppositional National Socialism in Norway / Terje Emberland

‘Home, Religion, Fatherland’: Movements of the Radical Right in Finland / Oula Silvennoinen

Fascism by Popular Initiative: The Rise and Fall of the Vaps Movement in Estonia / Andres Kasekamp

Latvia’s Pērkonkrusts: Anti-German National Socialism in a Fascistogenic Milieu / Matthew Kott

Ikea Fascism: Metapedia and the Internationalization of Swedish Generic Fascism / Henrik Arnstad


In the Tracks of Breivik: Far Right Networks in Northern and Eastern Europe, edited by Mats Deland, Michael Minkenberg and Christin Mays / bookreview by Matthew Kott

Fascism. Journal of Comparative Fascist Studies 4 (2015), 2. in: H-Soz-Kult, 12.12.2016, <www.hsozkult.de/journal/id/zeitschriftenausgaben-10040>.
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