Journal of Modern European History 15 (2017), 1

Journal of Modern European History 15 (2017), 1.
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Radical Conservatism in Europe in a Transnational Perspective, 1918-1939

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Editors: J. Baberowski, A. Eckert, R. Gerwarth, C. von Hodenberg, J. von Puttkamer, J. Leonhard, A. Nützenadel, L. Rischbieter, T. Snyder, D. Süß, H. te Velde, A. Wirsching
München 2017: C.H. Beck Verlag
144 S.
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Editors: J. Baberowski, M. Conway, A. Eckert, R. Gerwarth, C. von Hodenberg, J. Leonhard, A. Nützenadel, J. v. Puttkamer, L. Rischbieter, S. Steinbacher, D. Süß, H. te Velde
Schriftleitung: J. Baberowski, A. Eckert, J. Leonhard, C. von Hodenberg, J.von Puttkamer Kontakt: Jörg Später Historisches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau Rempartstraße 15 – KG IV 79085 Freiburg

The rise of populist right-wing political movements and parties all over Europe and the USA has encouraged a fresh interest in the historical origins of the intellectual background of the new Right. This special issue seeks to explore the “Conservative Revolution” of the interwar period as a European-wide phenomenon by taking a comparative view of radical Conservative (but not fascist) movements in Germany, France, Great Britain and Russia. The basic assumption is that the concept “Conservative Revolution” is useful on a European level because it helps to create an understanding of the European traffic of ideas on the radical Right and the various networks and organisations; in short, the transnational and pan-European dimensions of radicalised Conservatism in the interwar period. The contributors examine this traffic of ideas and question what national and what transnational factors were critical in creating the particular intellectual climate that brought to life political ideas so powerful that they were not only embraced widely across interwar Europe but also can still unleash their toxic impact today.


Forum: „Bedrohte Ordnungen“ als Thema der Kulturwissenschaften

Mit Beiträgen von Ewald Frie/Boris Nieswand, Andreas Ziemann, Bernhard Linke, Ute Daniel

Radical Conservatism in Europe in a Transnational Perspective, 1918–1939

B. Dietz
“Conservative Revolution” in Europe? Introduction

S. Shurts
La Revue Universelle’s Conceptualization of Western Civilization, 1920–1935

St. Wiederkehr
“Conservative Revolution” à la russe? Classic Eurasianism in a European Context

B. Dietz
The Neo-Tories and Europe: British Radical Conservatism in the 1930s

Single Articles

A. Clemente / R. Zaugg
The Quest for Development in the Eighteenth-Century Kingdom of Naples

W. O’Reilly
German Migrants and Britain’s Commercial Success in the Early Eighteenth-century American Colonies

Journal of Modern European History 15 (2017), 1. in: H-Soz-Kult, 27.02.2017, <>.
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