Revolutionary Russia 30 (2017), 1

Revolutionary Russia 30 (2017), 1.

Hrsg. v.
Aaron Retish – Wayne State University, USA; Matthew Rendle – University of Exeter, UK
Abingdon 2017: Routledge
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Aaron Retish – Wayne State University, USA; Matthew Rendle – University of Exeter, UK
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The ‘lessons’ of 1917
Matthew Rendle & Aaron Benyamin Retish
Pages: 1–5

Special Feature: February Revolution

The Logistical Significance of the Turkish Straits, Russo-Ottoman War and Gallipoli Campaign in Imperial Russia’s Great War, 1914–1917
A. J. Heywood
Pages: 6–34

M. V. Rodzianko and Prince G. E. L’vov (Spring and Summer 1917)
Ekaterina Gavroeva & John Yates
Pages: 35–54

Special Feature: The Socialist Revolutionaries

Viktor Chernov in 1917: A Reappraisal
Hannu Immonen
Pages: 55–77

Heroines and Hysterics: Mariia Spiridonova and her Female Revolutionary Cohort in 1917–18
Sally A. Boniece
Pages: 78–101


Sex on the Front: Prostitution and Venereal Disease in Russia’s First World War
Siobhán Hearne
Pages: 102–122

Art Exhibit Review

1917: Code of Revolution
Tricia Starks
Pages: 123–127

Featured Reviews

The Russian Conservatives in the Era of War and Revolution
New Documentary Publications
Mikhail N. Loukianov
Pages: 128–135

A Prison Without Walls? Eastern Siberian Exile in the Last Years of Tsarism/The House of the Dead: Siberian Exile Under the Tsars
Judith Pallot
Pages: 136–139

Book Reviews

Rossiia 1917 goda v ego-dokumentakh: Vospominaniia
Leonid A. Obukhov & Mikhail Loukianov
Pages: 140–142

The ‘Russian’ Civil Wars 1916–1926: Ten Years That Shook the World
Anthony Kroner
Pages: 142–145

Living the Revolution: Urban Communes & Soviet Socialism, 1917–1932
Deirdre Ruscitti Harshman
Pages: 145–147

Familiar Strangers: The Georgian Diaspora and the Evolution of Soviet Empire
Timothy K. Blauvelt
Pages: 147–149

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