Social History of Medicine 31 (2018), 2

Social History of Medicine 31 (2018), 2.

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Society for the Social History of Medicine Helen King, Roger Davidson
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Society for the Social History of Medicine Helen King, Roger Davidson

Social History of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness, and medical treatment in the past. It is committed to publishing work on the social history of medicine from a variety of disciplines. The journal offers its readers substantive and lively articles on a variety of themes, critical assessments of archives and sources, conference reports, up-to-date information on research in progress, a discussion point on topics of current controversy and concern, review articles, and wide-ranging book reviews.

Original Articles

Miracle Mediators as Healing Practitioners: The Knowledge and Practice of Healing with Relics
Nicole Archambeau

Tensions between the Físico-Mor and the University of Coimbra: The Accreditation of Medical Practitioners in Ancien-Regime Portugal
Laurinda Abreu

‘By What Right does the Scalpel Enter the Pauper’s Corpse?’ Dissections and Consent in Late Nineteenth-Century Belgium
Tinne Claes

Picturing Abortion Opposition in Sweden: Lennart Nilsson’s Early Photographs of Embryos and Fetuses
Solveig Jülich

Tuberculosis and Political Economy: Industrial Wealth and National Health in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, c. 1900–1940
Enric J Novella

English and French Women Doctors in International Debates on birth control (1920–1935)
Caroline Rusterholz

Work: Disease, Cure, and National Ethos in Modern Italy
Daphne Rozenblatt

Socialist Utopia in Practice: Everyday Life and Medical Authority in a Hungarian Polio Hospital
Dora Vargha

Combatting the ‘Communistic-Mulatto Inspired Movement to Fuse the Two Ethnic Groups’: The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, Sickled Cells, and Segregationists’ Science in the Atomic Age
Amy Wiese Forbes; Amanda Smithers

Focus on Modern Ayurveda

Rachel Berger, Ayuveda Made Modern: Political Histories of Indigenous Medicine in North India, 1900–1955
Nandini Bhattacharya

Projit Bihari Mukharji, Doctoring Traditions: Ayurveda, Small Technologies, and Braided Sciences
Martha Ann Selby

Jonathan Taee, The Patient Multiple: An Ethnography of Healthcare and Decision-Making in Bhutan
Sienna R Craig

Book Reviews

Nahema Hanafi, Le frisson et le baume: Expériences féminines du corps au Siècle des lumières
Mary McAlpin

Sasha Turner, Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, Childrearing, and Slavery in Jamaica
Christopher D E Willoughby

Alice A. Kuzniar, The Birth of Homeopathy out of the Spirit of Romanticism
Marion Baschin

Rob Boddice, The Science of Sympathy. Morality, Evolution, and Victorian Civilization
Stephanie Eichberg

L. Kerr Dunn (ed), Mysterious Medicine: The Doctor-Scientist Tales of Hawthorne and Poe
James Whitehead

Hoi-eun Kim, Doctors of Empire: Medical and Cultural Encounters between Imperial Germany and Meiji Japan
Aya Homei

Anne R. Hanley, Medicine, Knowledge and Venereal Diseases in England, 1886–1916
Victoria Bates

Michael Sappol, Body Modern: Fritz Kahn, Scientific Illustration and the Homuncular Subject
Fae Brauer

Fiona Reid, Medicine in First World War Europe: Soldiers, Medics, Pacifists
Jessica L Adler

Toxic Exposures: Mustard Gas and the Health Consequences of World War II in the United States
Marion Girard Dorsey

Christy Ford Chapin, Ensuring America’s Health: The Public Creation of the Corporate Health Care System
B Rick Mayes

A. R. Ruis, Eating to Learn, Learning to Eat: The Origins of School Lunch in the United States
Emily Contois

Stuart Blume, Immunization: How Vaccines Became Controversial
Gareth Millward

Emily K. Abel, Living in Death’s Shadow: Family Experiences of Terminal Care and Irreplaceable Loss
Caitlin Mahar

Iwan Rhys Morus (ed), The Oxford Illustrated History of Science
Graeme Gooday

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