European History Quarterly 48 (2018), 3

European History Quarterly 48 (2018), 3.

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Julian Swann
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Julian Swann



Military Archives of Renaissance Florence: Resolutions and Bookkeeping of the Dieci di Balìa and the Otto di Pratica
Fabrizio Antonio Ansani

‘Off to Moscow with No Passports and No Money’: The 1921 Spanish Syndicalist Delegation to Russia
Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez

Ethnogenesis in the Pyrenees: The Contentious Making of a National Identity in the Basque Country (1643–2017)
Ludger Mees

Britain and the Basque Campaign of 1937: The Government, the Royal Navy, the Labour Party and the Press
Paul Preston

Historiographical Essay

Beyond Nation States: New Perspectives on the Habsburg Empire
Axel Körner

Review Article

Europe and Germany’s Age of Catastrophe, 1914–1950
Martijn Lak

Book Reviews

Rachael Ball, Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Alexander Samson

Rüdiger Bergien and Jens Gieseke, eds, Communist Parties Revisited: Sociocultural Approaches to Party Rule in the Soviet Bloc, 1956–1991
Kevin McDermott

Xavier Bougarel, Raphaëlle Branche and Cloé Drieu, eds, Combatants of Muslim Origin in European Armies in the Twentieth Century: Far From Jihad
Christian Koller

Matthew Broad, Harold Wilson, Denmark and the Making of Labour European Policy, 1958–72
David Redvaldsen

Laurence Cole, Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Austria
Bodie A. Ashton

Surekha Davies, Renaissance Ethnography and the Invention of the Human: New Worlds, Maps and Monsters
Marília dos Santos Lopes

Arlette Farge, The Allure of the Archives
Fabrizio Ansani

Michael P. Fitzsimmons, The Place of Words: The Académie Française and Its Dictionary during an Age of Revolution
Louise Seaward

Shannon L. Fogg, Stealing Home: Looting, Restitution, and Reconstructing Jewish Lives in France, 1942–1947
Emily Hooke

Alison Forrestal, Vincent de Paul, the Lazarist Mission and French Catholic Reform; Richard Parish, Catholic Particularity in Seventeenth-Century French Writing: 'Christianity is Strange'
Oliver Logan

Anna Maria Forssberg, The Story of War: Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden 1610–1710
Mathias Persson

Dominik Geppert, William Mulligan and Andreas Rose, eds, The Wars before the Great War: Conflict and International Politics before the Outbreak of the First World War
Samuel Foster

Robert Gerwarth, The Vanquished: Why the First World War Failed to End
Jonathan D. Smele

Henryk Głębocki, A Disastrous Matter: The Polish Question in the Russian Political Thought and Discourse of the Great Reform Age, 1856–1866
Theodore R. Weeks

Christine E. Hallett, Veiled Warriors: Allied Nurses of the First World War
Caitjan Gainty

Róisín Healy, Poland in the Irish Nationalist Imagination, 1772–1922: Anti-Colonialism within Europe; Shane Nagle, Histories of Nationalism in Ireland and Germany: A Comparative Study from 1800 to 1932
Joachim Fischer

Johan Heinsen, Mutiny in the Danish Atlantic World: Convicts, Sailors and a Dissonant Empire
Klas Rönnbäck

Elizabeth Jay, British Writers in Paris, 1830–1875
Thomas Stammers

Axel Körner, America in Italy: The United States in the Political Thought and Imagination of the Risorgimento, 1763–1865
Enrico Dal Lago

Kevin McDermott, Communist Czechoslovakia 1945–89: A Political and Social History
David Gerlach

Diana Mishkova and Balazs Trencsenyi, eds, European Regions and Boundaries: A Conceptual History
Wim van Meurs

Paweł Pieniążek, Greetings from Novorossiya: Eyewitness to the War in Ukraine
Francis King

Tom Scott, The Swiss and their Neighbours, 1460–1560: Between Accommodation and Aggression
Benjamin Hitz

Erin Sullivan, Beyond Melancholy: Sadness and Selfhood in Renaissance England
Tessa Storey

Mark Thompson, Birth Certificate: The Story of Danilo Kiš
Maryna Hohulia

Patrizia Violi, Landscapes of Memory: Trauma, Space, History
Glyn Morgan

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