European History Quarterly 49 (2019), 2

European History Quarterly 49 (2019), 2.

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Julian Swann
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Julian Swann



Condorcet and the Viability of Democracy in Modern Republics, 1789–1794
Minchul Kim

‘The Free Sale of Opium’: The Reaction of Russian Orthodox Churchmen to Freedom of Conscience, 1864–1905
James White

Irregular War, Local Community and Intimate Violence in Spain (1939–1952)
Jorge Marco and Mercedes Yusta Rodrigo

‘Between Politics and Scholarship’: The First Decade of the Institut für Zeitgeschichte, 1949–1958
Mathew Turner, Tony Joel, and David Lowe

Creating Romanestan: A Place to be a Gypsy in Post-Nazi Europe
María Sierra

Review Article

A Contested Past and its Legacy: Remembering the Troubles
Dianne Kirby

Book Reviews

Constance Bantman and Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva, eds, The Foreign Political Press in Nineteenth-Century London: Politics from a Distance
Andrea Del Cornò

Guy Beiner, Forgetful Remembrance: Social Forgetting and Vernacular Historiography of a Rebellion in Ulster
Emmet O’Connor

Waitman Wade Beorn, The Holocaust in Eastern Europe: At the Epicenter of the Final Solution
Tetiana Pastushenko

Douglas Biow, Vasari’s Words: The Lives of the Artists as a History of Ideas in the Italian Renaissance
Oren Margolis

R. J. B. Bosworth, Claretta: Mussolini’s Last Lover
Paul Baxa

Deborah R. Coen, Climate in Motion: Science, Empire, and the Problem of Scale
Mitchell G. Ash

John P. Davis, Russia in the Time of Cholera: Disease under the Romanovs and Soviets
Susan Grant

Lara Douds, Inside Lenin’s Government: Ideology, Power and Practice in the Early Soviet State
Francis King

Thomas W. Goldstein, Writing in Red: The East German Writers Union and the Role of Literary Intellectuals
Matthew Stibbe

George Gömöri, The Polish Swan Triumphant: Essays on Polish and Comparative Literature from Kochanowski to Norwid
Felicia Roşu

Christopher M. Graney, Mathematical Disquisitions: The Booklet of Theses Immortalized by Galileo
Neil Tarrant

Martin R. Gutmann, Building a Nazi Europe: The SS’s Germanic Volunteers
Sigurd Sørlie

Benjamin Carter Hett, The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power
BodieA. Ashton

Haakon Ikonomou, Aurélie Andry and Rebekka Byberg, eds, European Enlargement across Rounds and Beyond Borders
Brigitte Leucht

Tomasz Kamusella, Ethnic Cleansing During the Cold War: The Forgotten 1989 Expulsion of Turks from Communist Bulgaria
Vasil Paraskevov

Robert Scott Kellner, ed. and trans., My Opposition: The Diary of Friedrich Kellner – a German against the Third Reich
Jill Stephenson

Michael Kerrigan, Dark History of Russia: Crime, Corruption and Murder in the Motherland
John Gonzalez

Daniel Lee, Pétain’s Jewish Children: French Jewish Youth and the Vichy Regime, 1940–1942
Keith Rathbone

Ellen Lockhart, Animation, Plasticity, and Music in Italy, 1770–1830
Emily H. Green

Nicolae Mărgineanu, Witnessing Romania’s Century of Turmoil: Memoirs of a Political Prisoner
Gavid Bowd

Enrique Moradiellos, Franco: Anatomy of a Dictator
Claudio Hernández Burgos

Natalia Nowakowska, King Sigismund of Poland and Martin Luther: The Reformation before Confessionalization
Suzanna Ivanič

Matthias Neumann and Andy Willimott, eds, Rethinking the Russian Revolution as a Historical Divide
Clayton Black

Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer and Victoria Christman, eds, Topographies of Tolerance and Intolerance: Responses to Religious Pluralism in Reformation Europe
Jaap Geraerts

Isabelle Richet, Women, Antifascism and Mussolini’s Italy: The Life of Marion Cave Rosselli
R. J. B. Bosworth

Rengenier C. Rittersma, Mytho-Poetics at Work: A Study of the Figure of Egmont, The Dutch Revolt and its Influence in Europe
Dannielle Shaw

Ivan Sablin, Governing Post-Imperial Siberia and Mongolia, 1911–1924: Buddhism, Socialism and Nationalism in State and Autonomy Building; Ivan Sablin, The Rise and Fall of Russia’s Far Eastern Republic, 1905–1922: Nationalisms, Imperialisms, and Regionalisms in and after the Russian Empire
Jonathan Smele

Philipp Ther, Europe Since 1989: A History
Martijn Lak

Karl J. Trybus, The Rosary, the Republic and the Right: Spain and the Vatican Hierarchy, 1931–1939
Oliver Logan

Paul Warde, The Invention of Sustainability: Nature and Destiny, c. 1500 –1870
P. M. Jones

Thomas Weber, The Making of a Nazi: Becoming Hitler
Paul Bookbinder

Carl Wege, ‘Das Neue Europa’ 1933–1945: German Thought Patterns about Europe
Marleen Rensen

Léon Werth, Deposition 1940–1944: A Secret Diary of Life in Vichy France
Chris Millington

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