Contemporary European History 14 (2005), 3

Contemporary European History 14 (2005), 3.

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Editor(s): Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Jonathan Morris, University College London, UK
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Editors: Jonathan Morris, University of Hertfordshire, UK Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Patricia Clavin, University of Oxford, UK John Connelly, University of California, Berkeley, USA Holger Nehring, University of Sheffield, UK
Published: February, May, August and November

Staging Reconciliation: Popular Theatre and Political Utopia in France in 1937
JESSICA IRONS, pp 279 - 294

Narrating the Second World War in Denmark since 1945
NILS ARNE SØRENSEN, pp 295 - 315

Richard Scheringer, the KPD and the Politics of Class and Nation in Germany, 1922–1969
TIMOTHY S. BROWN, pp 317 - 346

The Making of the CAP: Towards a Historical Analysis of the EU's First Major Policy
N. PIERS LUDLOW, pp 347 - 371

Is Economic History too Complex to be Left to Historians? Comments on Some Recent Works by Economists and Political Scientists
PATRICK VERLEY, pp 373 - 389

Avant-gardes in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: New Perspectives
NORBERT BANDIER, pp 391 - 402

After the Holocaust: The History of Jewish Life in West Germany
MICHAEL L. MENG, pp 403 - 413

Louis de Jong: Writing the History of Occupied Europe
BOB MOORE, pp 415 - 417

Abstracts: French and German, pp iii - v

Contemporary European History 14 (2005), 3. in: H-Soz-Kult, 12.09.2005, <>.
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