Contemporary European History 11 (2002), 4

Contemporary European History 11 (2002), 4.

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Editor(s): Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Jonathan Morris, University College London, UK
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Editors: Jonathan Morris, University of Hertfordshire, UK Mary Vincent, University of Sheffield, UK Patricia Clavin, University of Oxford, UK John Connelly, University of California, Berkeley, USA Holger Nehring, University of Sheffield, UK
Published: February, May, August and November

Contemporary European History
Volume 11 - Issue 04 - November 2002

Theme issue: Municipal connections: Co-operation, Links and Transfers among European Cities in the Twentieth Century


Research Articles
Taking Up the Bet on Connections: a Municipal Contribution
Pierre-Yves Saunier
pp 507-527

The Science that Never Was: ‘Communal Science’ in France, 1913–1949
Renaud Payre
pp 529-547

The Union of Polish Cities in the Second Polish Republic, 1918–1939: Discourses of Local Government in a Divided Land
Hanna Kozinska-Witt
pp 549-571

European Municipalism in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: the Socialist Network
Patrizia Dogliani
pp 573-596

Cities against States? Hopes, Dreams and Shortcomings of the European Municipal Movement, 1900–1960
Oscar Gaspari
pp 597-621

Europe from the Bottom Up: Town Twinning in France during the Cold War
Antoine Vion
pp 623-640

Review Articles
Poles and Jews in the Second World War: the Revisions of Jan T. Gross
John Connelly
pp 641-658

Before UNESCO and the WHO
Victor-Yves Ghebali
pp 659-663

Parliamentary Representation in Europe: Past, Present, and Future
Matthew Gabel
pp 665-674

Notes on Contributors

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