Journal of Modern European History 12 (2014), 3

Journal of Modern European History 12 (2014), 3.
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International Organisations during the Second World War

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Permanent Editors: Jörg Baberowski, Eugenio Biagini, Gustavo Corni, Andreas Eckert, Manfred Hildermeier, Sandrine Kott, Jörn Leonhard, Ilaria Porciani, Lutz Raphael, Paul-André Rosental, Timothy D. Snyder, Henk te Velde, Andreas Wirsching
München 2014: C.H. Beck Verlag
144 S.
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Editors: J. Baberowski, A. Eckert, R. Gerwarth, C. von Hodenberg, S. Kott, J. Leonhard, A. Nützenadel, I. Porciani, T. Snyder, D. Süß, H. te Velde, A. Wirsching
Schriftleitung: Jörg Baberowski, Andreas Eckert, Jörn Leonhard Kontakt: Jörg Später Historisches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau Rempartstraße 15 – KG IV 79085 Freiburg

Wars are increasingly studied as periods of intense transnational exchanges. Against this background international organisations have developed into particularly relevant fields of research: They represented and at the same time established many of these interrelations. Looking at international organisations as dynamic and complex platforms facilitating social, economic and cultural exchanges, the articles of this issue concentrate on the question how they functioned and how they influenced the war by providing human and technical resources to national governments. Taken together the articles offer a fresh look at the Second World War as well as on international organizations which cannot be reduced to intergovernmental bodies only fulfilling diplomatic missions. The articles also emphasize the role that international organisations played in keeping alive liberal international networks and values as well as maintaining and strengthening – though not without multiple tensions – the transatlantic hegemony over the world in the aftermath of the Second World War.


Wolfgang Streeck: Aus der Krise nach „Europa“? Vergangenheit und Zukunft in Geschichte und politischer Ökonomie

International Organisations during the Second World War
Edited by Sandrine Kott

Sandrine Kott: Internationalism in Wartime. International Organisations during the Second World War. Introduction

Ludovic Tournès: The Rockefeller Foundation and the Transition from the League of Nations to the UN (1939–1946)

Corinne A. Pernet: Twists, Turns, and Dead Alleys: The League of Nations and Intellectual Cooperation in Times of War

Sandrine Kott: Fighting the War or Preparing for Peace? The ILO during the Second World War

Joelle Droux: From Child Rescue to Child Welfare: The Save the Children International Union Facing World Warfare (1939–1947)


Fulvio Conti: The Religion of the Homeland. The Cult of “Martyrs of Freedom” in Nineteenth-century Italy

Journal of Modern European History 12 (2014), 3. in: H-Soz-Kult, 08.09.2014, <>.
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