Journal of Modern European History 13 (2015), 4

Journal of Modern European History 13 (2015), 4.
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Experimental Spaces – Planning in High Modernity

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Editors: J. Baberowski, A. Eckert, R. Gerwarth, C. von Hodenberg, S. Kott, J. Leonhard, A. Nützenadel, I. Porciani, T. Snyder, D. Süß, H. te Velde, A. Wirsching; Schriftleitung: J. Baberowski, A. Eckert, J. Leonhard
München 2015: C.H. Beck Verlag
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Editors: G. Albanese, J. Baberowski, M. Conway, A. Eckert, R. Gerwarth, B. de Graaf, C. v. Hodenberg, J. Leonhard, A. Nützenadel, J. v. Puttkamer, M. Reznik, G. Sluga, S. Steinbacher, D. Süß, H. te Velde
Schriftleitung: Andreas Eckert, Christina von Hodenberg, Joachim von Puttkamer, Milos Reznik Kontakt: Jörg Später Historisches Seminar der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg im Breisgau

Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the scholarly interest in planning and social engineering, which became widespread in the age of High Modernity. This special issue shows that a belief in (state) planning and in the creation of coherent social orders emerged on the left as well as the right, under democratic and non-democratic regimes alike. Moreover, it argues that a decentred, governance-focused approach to planning, which takes into account not only expert discourses but also practices, forces us to thoroughly reconsider notions of the state, the planning agents as well as the planning recipients. The articles address a series of fundamental questions about social practices, agency and power against the backdrop of the implementation of planning schemes in Europe in the interwar and post-war decades. The case studies cover a wide variety of scales and geographies of planning history, which, taken together, contribute to a richer understanding of planning as a historical and analytical category.


Experimental Spaces – Planning in High Modernity
Edited by Stefan Couperus, Liesbeth van de Grift, Vincent Lagendijk

D. Kuchenbuch: The London Pioneer Health Centre, 1935–1950

A. Schlimm: Regulation in Inter-War Transport Expertise

S. Couperus: Experimental Planning after the Blitz in Coventry and Rotterdam, 1940–1955

R. Mușat: Planned Rural Communities in Interwar Romania, Turkey and Italy


1815 – The Power of Balance
With Contributions by M. Jarrett, E. Conze, B. de Graaf, S. Ghervas and M. Schulz


A.B. Bhamba: Migration, Whiteness, and the French Residents of Ivory Coast

Journal of Modern European History 13 (2015), 4. in: H-Soz-Kult, 27.11.2015, <>.
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