Revolutionary Russia 29 (2016), 1

Revolutionary Russia 29 (2016), 1.

Hrsg. v.
Aaron Retish – Wayne State University, USA; Matthew Rendle – University of Exeter, UK
Abingdon 2016: Routledge
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Aaron Retish – Wayne State University, USA; Matthew Rendle – University of Exeter, UK
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The Journal of the Study Group on the Russian Revolution



The Fate of Interwar Soviet Internationalism: A Case Study of the Editing of Stalin's 1938 Short Course on the History of the ACP(b)
David Brandenberger
Pages: 1–23

The Russian Revolution of 1905 in the Eyes of Russia's Financiers
Jennifer Siegel
Pages: 24–42

Blood on the Square: Perspectives on Revolutionary Violence and Disorder in 1905 Ekaterinburg
Dakota Irvin
Pages: 43–65

Bolshevik vanguard in action: the case of The Baku Sovnarkom, 1917–18
Yalçın Murgul
Pages: 66–91


Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914–1922, Book 1: Popular Culture, the Arts, and Institutions/Russian Culture in War and Revolution, 1914–1922, Book 2: Political Culture, Identities, Mentalities, and Memory
Michael C. Hickey
Pages: 92–100

Painting Imperialism and Nationalism Red: The Ukrainian Marxist Critique of Russian Communist Rule in Ukraine 1918–1925
Christopher Gilley
Pages: 101–107


For Peace and Money: French and British Finance in the Service of Tsars and Commissars
Michael Jabara Carley
Pages: 108–110

On Stalin’s Team: The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics
E.A. Rees
Pages: 110–112

Russia in the Microphone Age: A History of Soviet Radio, 1919–1970
Scott W. Palmer
Pages: 112–113

The Russian Army in the Great War: The Eastern Front, 1914–1917
Alex Marshall
Pages: 114–117

Obshchestvennost' and Civic Agency in Late Imperial and Soviet Russia: Interface between State and Society
Ilya V. Gerasimov
Pages: 118–120

Creating a Culture of Revolution: Workers and the Revolutionary Movement in Late Imperial Russia
Ian D. Thatcher
Pages: 120–122

Voennyi plen v rossiiskoi provintsii (1914–1922 gg.)
Dakota Irvin
Pages: 122–124

The Power of Pictures: Early Soviet Photography, Early Soviet Film
Jessica Werneke
Pages: 124–126

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