Access to archival documents during and in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic

Sandrine Kott, Professeure d'histoire contemporaine de l'Europe/Professor of Modern, European History, Université de Genève

Dear colleagues, dear friends,
Together with two colleagues from Geneva, we have drafted a petition with the aim of facilitating access to the archives. Our initiative is the result of a reflection on the impact of the pandemic on the research work of historians. We are particularly concerned for doctoral students who are experiencing great difficulties in carrying out their thesis and for all those who are on research money and are unable to advance their projects. Over 1000 people have already signed the petition but we need to collect more signatures to put pressure on research funding agencies and archives to promote and develop the digitisation of documentary resources and to launch a wide dialogue on the accessibility of archives for all.

I urge you to sign the petition by clicking on this link:

You would greatly contribute to the success of this initiative by signing the petition and spreading it widely around you.

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