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Narvik War and Peace Centre
Eystein Markusson

Call for position as researcher

A new researcher position has been established at the Narvik War and Peace Centre.
The mandate of the Narvik Centre is to further knowledge about and understanding for peace, international humanitarian law and human rights through research, documentation and dissemination with a particular focus on the WWII-history of the Northern region. To fill the vacancy, we are looking for a researcher with a scholarly background related to our field of expertise, e.g. the history of the 20th century, political science or humanitarian law. The successful applicant will hold a Ph.D. within one of these fields, speak (or be willing to learn) a Scandinavian language and have a talent for dissemination.

The Narvik War and Peace Centre’s main research focus is on the Second World War in Northern Norway and it aims to become ambition to be the leading center of knowledge in that field. However, the mandate of the Centre gives the opportunity to widen the scope of the research both geographically and periodically.

Core tasks:
- Research.
- Development of new research projects.
- Dissemination of research projects and results.
- Professional guidance and support on projects and activities.

- A Ph. D. within the relevant field. The applicant is asked to provide three publications which s/he regards as particularly relevant to the application. These should be attached to the application as an electronic copy (max. 100 pages).
- The applicant must submit a description for a research project that can be concluded with the time-frame of three years.
- The applicant’s documented research interests need to correspond to the mandate and thematic focus of the Centre.
- Command of a Scandinavian language will be beneficial, but applicants without will be taken into consideration.

- 3-year tenure-track position.
- The Narvik War and Peace Centre adheres to the collective agreements for government employees. We offer public pension, presently through KLP.
- The position is paid after agreement as researcher according to the collective agreement for government employees (minimum pay grade 59, currently NOK 523.200)
- The successful candidate must be present in Narvik and to help build the team here.
- Possibility to establish a close working relationship with the University of Tromsø or Nord University.

About the Narvik War and Peace Centre:
The Narvik War and Peace Centre is a non-profit foundation that does dissemination, documentation and research on issues related to war and conflict. Our story starts with the German attack on Narvik in 1940, the battle for Narvik and the occupation that followed. However, we are also involved in issues not related to the Second World War (WWII). We have a particular focus on the rules of war (IHL) and human rights.
The Narvik War and Peace Centre was founded through a merge of the Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum (est. 1964) and Nordnorsk fredssenteret (est. 1990). We are the northernmost of seven Norwegian peace- and human rights funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education.
We have close ties to regional and national Red Cross with whom we cooperate on dissemination and other projects.

We do educational work towards the three northernmost counties of Norway in addition to our activities at the Narvik War Museum. In 2017 we reached 30.000 persons through our work. Currently there are 11 full positions attached to the Centre, two of these are research positions. In addition, the educational staff undertakes smaller research projects related to educational programmes. The total turn-over in 2017 was NOK 17 million.

Application and details:
To apply, please send the application including a letter of application and a CV by email to
Deadline: 19th August 2019.

The applicant is asked to provide three articles/chapters/manuscripts which s/he regards as particularly relevant to the application. These should be attached as an electronic copy.
For further information, please contact director Eystein Markusson, phone +47 450 35 418 or email:


Eystein Markusson

Narvik War and Peace Centre
Narvik, Norwegen
+47 450 35 41

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