2 "URIS-Fellowships" (University of Basel)

2 "URIS-Fellowships" (University of Basel)

Departement Geschichte der Universität Basel
Oliver Göhler, Initiative "Ukrainian Research in Switzerland" (URIS), Universität Basel

2 "URIS-Fellowships" (University of Basel)

The initiative "Ukrainian Research in Switzerland" (URIS) is calling for applications for two URIS fellowships for the 2022 autumn semester and 2023 spring semester at the University of Basel (Switzerland).

2 "URIS-Fellowships" (Universität Basel)

Die Initiative Ukrainian Research in Switzerland (URIS) schreibt für das Herbstsemester 2022 und für das Frühjahrssemester 2023 je ein URIS-Fellowship an der Universität Basel (Schweiz) aus.

2 "URIS-Fellowships" (University of Basel)


University degree and excellent PhD in the humanities, cultural studies or social sciences. The application is open to both younger and experienced scholars. Ongoing research project that has the potential to make a substantial contribution to a better understanding of the history, society, politics and culture of Ukraine. Experience in university teaching and willingness to conduct a one-semester course (1.5 hrs per week) at the University of Basel in the autumn (September to December) or in the spring semester (February to June) - to be held in English or German.

Offer and conditions

The URIS fellowship entails a monthly allowance of CHF 4.000,00 (tax free). In addition, costs will be reimbursed for visa fees, accident and health insurance coverage in Switzerland, for one round trip to and from Basel from the country of origin, and for a subscription entitling the holder to half-price travel on the Swiss Federal Railways. The visiting scholar will be given a work station at the University of Basel with electronic infrastructure, access to libraries, etc. The visiting scholar will receive administrative support from the URIS coordination office.

The internationally oriented fellowship programme is open to postdoctoral and senior scholars in the humanities, cultural studies and social sciences whose research has the potential to make a substantial contribution to a better understanding of the history, society, politics and culture of Ukraine.

Applications are open until 20 November 2021.

The call for applications and further information are available at https://www.uris.ch.

2 "URIS-Fellowships" (Universität Basel)

Das international ausgerichtete Fellowship-Programm richtet sich an promovierte Wissenschaftler:innen aus dem Bereich der Geistes-, Kultur- und Sozialwissenschaften, deren Forschung einen substantiellen Beitrag zum besseren Verständnis von Geschichte, Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur der Ukraine verspricht. Die URIS-Fellowships ermöglichen einen sechsmonatigen Forschungsaufenthalt an der Universität Basel.

Die Ausschreibung ist offen bis zum 20. November 2021.

Die detaillierte Ausschreibung und weitere Informationen finden Sie auf https://www.uris.ch


Prof. Dr. Frithjof Benjamin Schenk
Leitung von URIS

Oliver Göhler, Koordination URIS

E-Mail: uris@unibas.ch

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