Seed Money Fellowships "Transformations and Eastern Europe" (Univ. of Vienna)

Seed Money Fellowships

University of Vienna (Research Platform "Transformations and Eastern Europe")
Research Platform "Transformations and Eastern Europe"
Martin Gumiela, Research Platform "Transformations and Eastern Europe" / RECET, Universität Wien

The Research Platform "Transformations and Eastern Europe" brings together researchers from different fields of history, cultural studies, social sciences and legal studies and it is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of transformation processes in Eastern Europe in the past and present. Together with the Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET), the research platform represents a space for innovative, interdisciplinary and international scientific thinking about transformation processes at the University of Vienna.

Seed Money Fellowships

The Research Platform “Transformations and Eastern Europe” awards contracts for services (Werkvertrag) to postdoctoral researchers (in justified cases also to doctoral students) for the purpose of preparation of grant applications (e.g. FWF, OENB, EU and other research funding agencies). The proposed research projects should be submitted with the University of Vienna and they should compatible with the field of interest of the research platform. Successful applicants also have the opportunity to cooperate with the Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET) during the fellowships and in their proposed grant application. The goal is to support the applicants in the development of new projects, to integrate them into the scientific network of the research platform as well as into the participating faculties and institutes, in order to further develop these institutions both in terms of personnel and new topics.

Applications should be sent by email to the scientific coordinator of the Research Platform ( and must include the following documents:

a) Cover letter
b) Elaborate project outline (3-5 pages), including concrete information about the existing preliminary work on the proposed project, the planned work steps until the submission of the grant application and the intended funding scheme.
c) Academic CV and list of publications.

The maximum duration of the contract is 6 months, with an interim report to be submitted after 3 months, documenting the progress made in preparing the grant application. The work contracts are remunerated at 2,500 € per month for postdoctoral researchers and 1,250 € for doctoral students. In case of duties of care or supervision, an application can be made for an additional allowance of 500 € per month.

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