ICWC Internationales Forschungs– und Dokumentationszentrum Kriegsverbrecherprozesse

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CFP: World War II on Trial: The Prosecution of War Criminals and Collaborators in the USSR
International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials, Marburg, Dr. Wolfgang Form; HSE University, Moscow, International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences, Dr. Oleg Budnitskii, Dr. Liudmila Novikova; German Historical Institute, Moscow, and the German War Graves Commission within the framework of of the joint Russian-German project „Soviet and German prisoners of war and internees“, Dr. Esther Meier, Dr. Dmitri Stratievski, Dr. Heike Winkel
Marburg 15.07.2021

Sem: State Crime: Crimes of the powerful
Internationales Forschungs– und Dokumentationszentrum Kriegsverbrecherprozesse, ICWC, Universität Marburg
Marburg 21.06.2021 - 25.06.2021