Occupation Studies Research Network - Call for members

Occupation Studies Research Network

Dr Christopher Knowles (King's College London) and Dr Camilo Erlichman (University of Maastricht)
University of Maastricht
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01.09.2021 -
Christopher Knowles, History, King's College London

A new interdisciplinary online Occupation Studies Research Network which aims to promote the exchange of ideas and encourage a more systematic, comprehensive and conceptual understanding of the subject, was launched on 1 September 2021.

The Network website and blog, hosted at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, is intended to act as a hub for the global community of scholars who are working on military occupation as a form of rule and as a dynamic power relationship between occupiers and occupied.

The Network now has over fifty members. Doctoral students, postdoc and early career academics and staff at universities, other higher education institutes, museums and archives, who are either actively researching or have recently completed work on some aspect of the subject at PhD level or above are welcome to join the Network and are invited to contribute to the blog.

The Network is not limited to any particular national cases of occupation and will focus on interactions between occupiers and occupied and the lived experience of occupation, within the overall time period from the French Revolution to the present day.

Blog posts should discuss the significance of a particular aspect of the subject or, more generally, reflect on how to study the phenomenon of occupation, discuss the value of comparisons between different cases of occupation, or provide a contribution to particular theoretical or historiographical debates. Posts should not be written primarily to present the results of detailed empirical research, which can be done by other means.

The convenors of the network are Dr Camilo Erlichman, Assistant Professor at Maastricht University and Dr Christopher Knowles. Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College, London.

Further details are available on the Network website: https://fasos-research.nl/occupationstudies/

About the Network: https://fasos-research.nl/occupationstudies/research-project/

Network blog: https://fasos-research.nl/occupationstudies/blog/

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