Annali Recensioni Online III (2020), 1

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Annali Recensioni Online III (2020), 1
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Editors: Christoph Cornelißen, Edoardo Tortarolo (Editor in Chief) Editorial Board: Marco Bellabarba, Gabriele Clemens, Laurence Cole, Birgit Emich, Filippo Focardi, Lutz Klinkhammer, Marco Meriggi, Thomas Schlemmer, Chiara Zanoni Managing Editors: Fernanda Alfieri, Giovanni Bernardini, Maurizio Cau, Gabriele D’Ottavio, Claudio Ferlan, Cecilia Nubola, Katia Occhi, Massimo Rospocher, Lorenzo Cortesi
Trento 2020: FBK Press
3 issues per year (January, May, September)
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Bernardini, Giovanni

Annali Recensioni Online III, 2020/1

Annali Recensioni Online provides a forum for discussion among historians and all those interested in history. The new electronic journal is devoted entirely to book reviews in keeping with a trend that is becoming widespread in international scientific publishing. Reviews of the newest scientific literature that until now were published in the "Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico / Jahrbuch des italienisch-deutschen historischen Instituts" will henceforth be published exclusively in ARO.

ARO will appear three times a year and review mainly new publications focusing on European history, with special attention on the German- and Italian-speaking areas. Furthermore — not unlike its German-language cousin "sehepunkte" — ARO will have an epoch-spanning, interdisciplinary, and international orientation.

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Andrea Giardina (ed.), "World History of Italy"
Reviews by Serena Ferente and Joseph Viscomi


Andrea Giorgi, Katia Occhi (eds.), "Carteggi fra basso medioevo ed età moderna"
review by. Luca Zenobi

Early Modern History (16th–18th Century)

Gabriella Zuccolin, "Michele Savonarola «medico humano»"
review by Manuela Bragagnolo

Miles Pattenden, "Electing the Pope in Early Modern Italy, 1450–1700"
review by Giampiero Brunelli

Michael Knapton, "Una Repubblica di uomini. Saggi di storia veneta", Andrea Gardi, Gian Maria Varanini, Andrea Zannini (eds.)
review by Enrico Valseriati

C. Shaw, M. Mallet "The Italian Wars (1494–1559)"
review by. Massimo Rospocher

C. Lastraioli, J.-M. Le Gall (eds.), "François Ier et l'Italie / L'Italia e Francesco I"
review by Massimo Scandola

Paul M. Dover, "Secretaries and Statecraft in the Early Modern World"
review by John Condren

Daniela Hacke, Paul Musselwhite (eds.), "Empire of the Senses"
review by Federica Morelli

Laura Kounine, "Imagining the Witch"
review by Fernanda Alfieri

Vincenzo Lavenia, Stefania Pastore, Sabina Pavone, Chiara Petrolini (eds.), "Compel People to Come In"
review by Serena Di Nepi

Flavio Rurale, "Ecclesiastico e gentiluomo"
review by Umberto Grassi

Bruno Pomara Saverino, "Rifugiati"
review by Irene Fosi

Siglinde Clementi, "Körper, Selbst und Melancholie"
review by Raffaella Sarti

19th Century

Adriano Prosperi, "Un volgo disperso"
review by Ignazio Veca

Contemporary History (20th–21st Century)

Quinto Antonelli, "Cento anni di Grande guerra"
review by Francesco Frizzera

Leonard V. Smith, "Sovereignty at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919"
review by Giovanni Bernardini

Katrin Bromber, Katharina Lange, Heike Liebau, Anorthe Wetzel (eds.), "The Long End of the First World War"
review by Massimo Zaccaria

Maria Passaro, "Artisti in fuga da Hitler"
review by Tomas Sommadossi

Patrick Ostermann, "Zwischen Hitler und Mussolini"
review by Francesco Tacchi

Simone Paoli, "Frontiera sud. L'Italia e la nascita dell'Europa di Schengen"
review by Luciano Tosi

Paolo Magaudda, Gabriele Balbi (eds.), "Fallimenti digitali"
review by Camilla Tenaglia

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