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Revolutionary Russia 35 (2022), 2
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Revisiting the Polish Vector in Soviet History and Politics

Abingdon 2022: Routledge
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Revolutionary Russia. The Journal of the Study Group on the Russian Revolution
United Kingdom
Gleb J. Albert, Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich




Revisiting the Polish Vector in Soviet History and Politics

Introduction: Revisiting the Polish Vector in Soviet History and Politics
Olena Palko & Peter Whitewood
Pages: 177–184


Failing to Create Revolutionaries: Polish POWs in Soviet Captivity, 1920–21
Peter Whitewood
Pages: 185–205

The Riga Treaty of 1921 and the Long Archival Negotiation
Nataliya Borys
Pages: 206–224

Between Moscow, Warsaw and the Holy See: The Case of Father Andrzej Fedukowicz Amidst the Early Soviet Anti-Catholic Campaign
Olena Palko
Pages: 225–246

Modernization on Empty Coffers: Polish Minority Institutions in Early Soviet Ukraine
Frank Grelka & Stephan Rindlisbacher
Pages: 247–265

The Polish Peasantry in Soviet Belarus: From the NEP to Collectivization (1924–1930)
Andrei Zamoiski
Pages: 266–285

Featured Reviews

‘Our Work with the Masses is not Worth a Kopeck … ’: A Document Collection on German and Polish Rural Soviets in Ukraine during the NEP, 1923–1929. Frank Grelka and Stephan Rindlisbacher, eds. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 2021. Pp.313. ISBN 9783447117661
Amber N. Nickell
Pages: 286–288

Stalindorfs'kyi raion: dokumenty i materialy. Albert Venger, ed. Kyiv: Memorial Holokostu “Babyn Yar”, 2021. ISBN: 9786175021590
Olena Palko
Pages: 289–291

The Path to the Soviet Nation: The Policy of Belarusization
Alena Marková, Leiden: Brill/Schöningh, 2021, Pp. 295 + XVIII. £89 (hardback and ebook). ISBN: 9783657791811
Olena Palko
Pages: 292–294

Book Reviews

Stephen V. Bittner. Whites and Reds: A History of Wine in the Lands of Tsar and Commissar. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021, 272 pp. £75.00 (hardback). ISBN: 9780198784821. Alison K. Smith. Cabbage and Caviar: A History of Food in Russia. London: Reaktion Books, 2021, 352 pp. £27.50 (hardback). ISBN: 9781789143645.
Adrianne K. Jacobs
Pages: 295–299

Colleen Lucey. Love for Sale: Representing Prostitution in Imperial Russia
DeKalb, IL: Northern Illinois University Press, 2021. Pp. 270+xiii; notes; bibliography; index. 30 b&w halftone illustrations. £44 (hardback). ISBN 9781501758867
LeiAnna X. Hamel
Pages: 299–301

Policing Prostitution: Regulating the Lower Classes in Late Imperial Russia. Siobhán Hearne. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. Pp 212+xx; notes; bibliography; index; photographs; maps. £75 (hardback). ISBN 9780198837916
Colleen Lucey
Pages: 301–303

The Russian Civil War, 1918–1921. An Operational-Strategic Sketch of the Red Army’s Combat Operations. A.S. Bubnov, S.S. Kamenev, M.N. Tukhachevskii and R.P. Eideman, eds. Further edited and translated by Richard W. Harrison. Philadelphia and Oxford: Casemate Academic Publishers, 2020. Pp.564. £55 (hardback). ISBN9781952715044
A.V. Ganin
Pages: 304–305

Novomu cheloveku – novaia smert’? Pokhoronnaia kul’tura rannego SSSR. Anna Sokolova. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie (Studia Religiosa series), 2022. Pp. 456. 780 roubles (hardback). ISBN 9785444817230.
Dmitrii Ivanov
Pages: 306–307