Revolutionary Russia 31 (2018), 2

Revolutionary Russia 31 (2018), 2.
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The Global Impact of the Russian Revolution

Hrsg. v.
Aaron Retish – Wayne State University, USA; Matthew Rendle – University of Exeter, UK
Abingdon 2018: Routledge
EUR 76,00 (Personal); EUR 319,00 (Institution); EUR 287,00 (Institution, online only)


Introduction: From Lenin’s Overcoat? The Global Impact of the Russian Revolution
Aaron B. Retish & Matthew Rendle
Pages: 145–151

Forum: The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution?

The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution: A Comparative Perspective
Steven G. Marks
Pages 152–174

The Global Legacy of the Russian Revolution: A Comparative Perspective
Paul Dukes
Pages: 175–188

The on-going legacy of February: A response to Steven G. Marks
Daniel Orlovsky
Pages: 189–193

Centennial thoughts on an exhausted (?) revolution
Christopher Read
Pages: 194–207


Interview with S. A. Smith
George Souvlis, Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez & S. A. Smith
Pages: 208–225


Anarcho-syndicalism and the Russian Revolution: Towards a political explanation of a fleeting romance, 1917–22
Arturo Zoffmann-Rodriguez
Pages: 226–246

‘Glory to the Russian maximalists!’ Reactions to the Russian Revolution in Argentina and Brazil, 1917–22
Franziska Yost
Pages: 247–260

The Russian Revolution and the Emergence of Japanese Anticommunism
Tatiana Linkhoeva
Pages: 261–278

Youthful Internationalism in the Age of ‘Socialism in One Country’: Komsomol'tsy, Pioneers and ‘World Revolution’ in the Interwar Period
Matthias Neumann
Pages: 279–303

Book Reviews

Performing Femininity: Woman as Performer in Early Russian Cinema
Susan Grant
Pages: 304–306

Red at Heart: How Chinese Communists Fell in Love with the Russian Revolution
Rachel Lin
Pages: 306–308

World Revolution 1917–1936. The Rise and Fall of the Communist International
Fredrik Petersson
Pages: 308–310

Stalinist Perpetrators on Trial. Scenes From the Great Terror in Soviet Ukraine
Immo Rebitschek
Pages: 310–312

Mobilizing the Russian Nation: Patriotism and Citizenship in the First World War
John W. Steinberg
Pages: 312–314

Inside Lenin’s Government: Ideology, Power, and Practice in the Early Soviet State
Michael Melancon
Pages: 314–316

Peasants in Russia from Serfdom to Stalin: Accommodation, Survival, Resistance
Kieran Nelson
Pages: 316–318

List of Russian Publications, 2018
Pages: 319–322


The Non-geometric Carter Elwood (1936–2018): an Appreciation
Lars T. Lih
Pages: 323–326

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