Double Degree "Global Cultures" (Univ. Bielefeld / Univ. Bologna)

Double Degree "Global Cultures" (Univ. Bielefeld / Univ. Bologna)

Bielefeld University, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology
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Chiara Johannesmeier, Fakultät für Geschichtswissenschaft, Philosophie und Theologie, Universität Bielefeld

The English-language curriculum Global Cultures (GLOC) is a binational study programme offered by the Universities of Bielefeld and Bologna. The German Academic Exchange Service offers scholarships in support of this programme.

Double Degree "Global Cultures" (Univ. Bielefeld / Univ. Bologna)

Bielefeld University and the University of Bologna can draw on their long-term experience in the field of academic exchange and scientific cooperation, which has been consolidated and intensified with the introduction of the English-language curriculum Global Cultures (GLOC) as a binational study programme – the only one that currently exists between German and Italian universities in the field of history.

The programme in history focuses on Global Cultures and combines the strengths of both universities: Bielefeld University still adheres to its reform-orientated character as an institution of higher education founded in the late 1960s. Today, this spirit manifests itself in the interdisciplinary nature of teaching and research. The University of Bologna offers applicants to study a broad range of courses, including the epistemological foundations of historical research, as well as historical methods and general knowledge of world history at the oldest university in the Western world with its longstanding tradition.

Enrolled students spend one academic year in both places. The master thesis is supervised by a faculty member from Bielefeld University as well as from the University of Bologna. Graduates receive MA degrees from both universities upon concluding their studies.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships in support of this bi-national programme. Students participating in the programme can apply for a monthly grant of EUR 825 while studying abroad in Bologna plus the reimbursement of travel expenses (fixed rate of EUR 250) and a contribution of monthly insurance charges of EUR 35.

This individual funding concerns the physical mobility. In light of the current coronavirus crisis, any future physical exchange period naturally involves some kind of uncertainty and may be liable to changing circumstances. We have therefore reached the following agreement with the DAAD. If by the time of the start of studies abroad the departure to Bologna should not be possible or deemed unreasonable, the period of the study abroad can also commence by means of distance learning courses. Both Bielefeld and Bologna University ensure to offer distance learning formats so that the purpose of the program – to obtain a degree from both universities – can be accomplished. If studying abroad will not be physically possible, the scholarship will be reduced to a lump sum of EUR 752 per month. Once travelling will be possible and reasonable again, the students commit themselves to physically continue the period of studying at the partner university. Each potential case will obviously be discussed in consultation with the students.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent in History (German Bachelor of Arts, Italian Laurea). Applications can be submitted in Bielefeld or Bologna. For Bielefeld, applications (résumé, bachelor certificate, cover letter/statement of purpose, bachelor's thesis evaluation, proof of English language proficiency - B2) must be sent to until September 30 for the respective following academic year. Further inquiries should also be directed to this email address.


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