Double MA Degree "Global Cultures - GLOC" (Univ. Bielefeld / Univ. Bologna)

Double MA Degree "Global Cultures - GLOC" (Univ. Bielefeld / Univ. Bologna)

Bielefeld University, Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology, Department of History
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01.10.2019 -
Laffin, Stefan

Since October 2012, Bielefeld University and the University of Bologna are offering a joint two-year master’s degree program in History. Enrolled students spend one academic year in both places. The master thesis is supervised by a faculty member from Bielefeld University as well as from the University of Bologna (Cotutelle). Graduates receive MA degrees from both universities upon concluding their studies.

Starting with the winter term 2019/2020, an English-language curriculum with the profile “Global Cultures” (GLOC) will be introduced. Students can hence attend seminars taught in English at both institutions.

Thanks to its structure and basic idea, the master program can be considered well-established. In fact, it has been lauded as one of the outstanding examples of European double-degree programs in various evaluations. The range of studies testifies to the outstanding nature of the program. The wide range of themes explored in Bologna and the theory-based approach pursued by Bielefeld University complement each other exceptionally well. What is more, it allows the program to combine the strengths of two of Europe's outstanding teaching and research institutions, resulting in a unique and attractive curriculum.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers scholarships in support of this binational program. Students participating in the program can apply for a monthly grant of EUR 825 while studying abroad in Bologna plus the reimbursement of travel expenses (fixed rate of EUR 250) and insurance charges.

Applicants must hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent in History. Applications can be submitted in Bielefeld or Bologna. For Bielefeld, applications (résumé, bachelor certificate, cover letter/statement of purpose, bachelor's thesis evaluation) must be sent to until September 10 for the respective following academic year. Further inquiries should also be directed to this email address.

Dr. habil. Vito Gironda
Bielefeld University, Faculty of History and Philosophy and Theology,
Department of History
POB 100 131, 33501 Bielefeld
0049 521 106-3231


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