Masterstudiengang "Contemporary Germany - Politics, Society and Culture" (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Elisheva Moatti

The DAAD Center for German Studies at the Hebrew University aims to promote the study of contemporary processes in German society: the role of Germany in the EU and European integration; Germany’s contribution to global economic, political, scientific and technological transformation; Germany's place in the contemporary cultural and artistic scene; the political and statutory constitution of the German Federal Republic (the Basic Law after 1945); the social market economy model; problems and perspectives following the reunification of 1989; the German language, past glory and new meaning.

The Center for German Studies offers an M.A. degree in Studies in Contemporary Germany: Politics, Society and Culture (a M.A. research degree as well as an M.A. diploma degree). The teaching program is affiliated to the three Faculties: Social Sciences, Law and Humanities. The teaching language is English.

This M.A. program is accessible to students of Israeli universities and colleges recognized by the Hebrew University who have completed a B.A. degree in one of the relevant disciplines in the faculties of the Social Sciences, Law or Humanities with a grade point average of 80 for an M.A. diploma degree or 85 for an M.A. research degree. It is possible to switch from an M.A. diploma degree to an M.A. research degree after M.A. courses of at least 20 credit points have been marked with an average grade of 85.

In addition to basic and methodological courses, obligatory to all participants, the program offers five specialization tracks over a period of two years:

Politics and Economy
Law and International Relations
Geography and Urban Studies
History and Sociology
Literature, Philosophy, Culture, and the Arts

Knowledge of the German language is not a pre-requisite for admission into the program for students coming from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Law; however it is compulsory for all students in order to graduate to pass the exemption exam or the “Advanced German” exam.

Candidates who intend to specialize in German literature and culture are required to demonstrate knowledge of German at beginners` level when registering for the MA-program.

Students, who in the course of the M.A. program have to take German classes in order to demonstrate knowledge of the German language at an advanced level, can get credit for up to 8 credit points for German language courses offered by the Hebrew University. Additionally, the Center for German Studies will offer its students


Elisheva Moatti

DAAD Center for German Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501

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