One-month-grants for Ukrainian Historians for research in Germany

One-month-grants for Ukrainian Historians for research in Germany

German-Ukrainian Historical Commission
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Georgiy Konovaltsev, Historisches Seminar, Abt. Geschichte Ost- und Südosteuropas, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

The German-Ukrainian Historical Commission (DUHK/УНІК) awards up to three short term grants for research activities in Germany.

One-month-grants for Ukrainian Historians for research in Germany

The DUHK awards up to three one-month-grants for research activites in Germany. We adress scholars who work on topics of German or German-Ukrainian history in their (post-)doctoral or Master projects. The grant is intended to be used for activities such as archival work, the visit of specialised libraries and institutions and, if need be, the participation in relevant conferences in Germany.

Due to the circumstances of the war it is also possible to apply not only for Ukrainian scholars residing in Ukraine (which is the usual procedure), but also for Ukrainians who had to leave the country since 24 February 2022 or Ukrainian exchange students, who are residing in Germany since the winter term 2021/2022 and haven't been able to come back home. Scholars residing in Germany are excluded from the travel allowance. For scholars residing neither in Ukraine nor Germany the travel allowance will be calculated by the DAAD individually.

The grant consists of:
- One payment of 1200€ (for doctoral students) or 934€ (for Master students)
- Travel allowance of 350€

Deadline for applications: 04.03.2024

Please send in the following documents:
- A project plan with a detailed description of the aims and methods of the research, no longer than three pages
- An explanation for why exactly the aforementioned archives, libraries etc. are needed for your project and a plan for the presumable duration of your research stay. No longer than two pages.
- Your CV
- Copy/Copies of your diplomas
- A declaration if your project is financed by anyone else.

Recommendatory letters are not required. A binational committee of our commission is going to choose the scholarship holders along academic criteria.

The research stay cannot begin before 2 May.

Please send all the documents in one PDF-file to:


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