7th Summer Academy of Atlantic History – Atlantic Worlds between the Global and the National

7th Summer Academy of Atlantic History – Atlantic Worlds between the Global and the National

Prof. Dr. Susanne Lachenicht, Bayreuth, and SAAH
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27.08.2021 -
Susanne Lachenicht, Universität Bayreuth

In memory of Professor Bernard Bailyn (Harvard).

7th Summer Academy of Atlantic History – Atlantic Worlds between the Global and the National

The corona virus, BREXIT, „America first“ and many other current developments and crises bring up the crucial question how much globalisation on the one hand and nationalism, states or nation-states on the other have been driving forces in historical processes. However, are the global and the national purely antagonistic – or do they also enable and further each other? Where do local, regional, transregional processes come into play – and how?

With the 7th Summer Academy of Atlantic History we want to go back in history: we enquire into the interrelated processes of nation-, state- and empire-formation as well as globalization and the role migrants and diasporas, Europeans, Africans, American Indians, merchants and trade companies, knowledge, germs and viruses, rumours and panics, technologies, goods and consumption played in these processes within and beyond the Atlantic World.

The 7th Summer Academy will be hosted by Prof Susanne Lachenicht, University of Bayreuth (Germany).

Organizers and steering committee:
- Honory Member Prof Bernard Bailyn (Harvard University, USA, 2012–2020)
- Prof Trevor Burnard (University of Hull, UK)
- Prof Nicholas Canny (NUI Galway, Ireland)
- Dr Lauric Henneton (Univ. Versailles-Saint-Quentin, France)
- Prof Susanne Lachenicht (Univ. Bayreuth, Germany)
- Dr Ben Marsh (Univ. of Kent, UK)
- Honory Member Prof Philip D. Morgan (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
- Prof L.H. Roper (SUNY New Paltz, USA)
- Prof Bartolomé Yun Casalilla (UPO, Seville, Spain)


Schedule (CET)

Friday, 27/08/2021

14.30–14.45 Welcome and Introduction
Prof. Dr. Susanne Lachenicht (Bayreuth), Dr. Lauric Henneton (Versailles - Saint Quentin)

Introduction to SAAH topic: Atlantic Worlds between the Global and the National
Prof. Dr. Volker Depkat (Regensburg), Prof. Dr. Susanne Lachenicht

Presentation of Cluster of Excellence „Africa Multiple“ at the University of Bayreuth
Prof. Dr. Erdmute Alber (Bayreuth)

Keynote 1: An Empire for Slavery: the British Empire, 1688–1763
Prof. Dr. Trevor Burnard (Hull)

Saturday, 28/08/2021

Presentation and Discussion of Doctoral Project 1: „What They Call Free in This Country“: Refugees from Slavery in Revolutionary America, 1775–1783
PhD student: James Mackay (Edinburgh), tutor: Prof. Dr. Trevor Burnard (Hull)

Presentation of Doctoral Project 2: Consumption, Markets and Politics in Saint-Domingue port-cities in the 18th century
PhD student: Camille Cordier (Lyon), tutor: Dr. Lauric Henneton

Presentation and Discussion of Doctoral Project 3: Fictitious Liberties: Tutelage in Luso-Brazilian Empires and Autonomous Amazonian Territorialities (1755–1888)
PhD student: Manoel Rendeiro Neto (UC Davis), tutor: Prof. Dr. Bartolomé Yun Casalilla (UPO Seville)

Keynote 2: American Exceptionalism in the Age of Atlantic Revolution, American Exceptionalism Today
Prof. Dr. Volker Depkat

Sunday, 29/08/2021

Presentation of Doctoral Project 4: Merchants and the Navy: Politics and the Construction of Naval Professionalism in Early Modern Britain
PhD student: Ryan Mewett (Johns Hopkins), tutor: Dr. Ben Marsh (Kent)

Presentation and Discussion of Postdoctoral Project: Social Sketches and the Formation of Global Knowledge in the Atlantic World (1830–1860)
Dr. Florian Grafl (LMU Munich), tutor: Prof. Dr. Gesa Mackenthun (Rostock)

Keynote 3: The Global Dust Bowl, Imperial Agriculture, and the Human Stories About Them
Prof. Dr. Gesa Mackenthun

Monday: 30/08/2021

Presentation and Discussion of Doctoral Project 5: Webs of Reform: Transatlantic Anti-Slavery Networks, 1830–1865
PhD student: Kate Rivington (Monash University), tutor: Dr. Claire Bourhis-Mariotti (Paris)

Presentation and Discussion of Doctoral Project 6: Perceptions of „the night“, „de nacht“, and „la nuit“ in the Greater Caribbean (1660–1795)
PhD student: Adrian van der Velde (Urbana-Campaign), tutor: Prof. Dr. Nicholas Canny (Galway)

Presentation of Doctoral Project 7: Spain-U.S. relations in the second half of the 19th century from a trans-imperial perspective
PhD student: Gerard Llorens DeCesaris (Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), tutor: Dr. Bethany Aram (UPO Sevilla)

Keynote 4: Atlantic Slavery and the Holy Roman Empire
Prof. Dr. Rebekka von Mallinckrodt (Bremen)

Final discussion / wrap up

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