Myths of Disruptions. Programs, Narratives and Utopias of Future Innovations

Myths of Disruptions. Programs, Narratives and Utopias of Future Innovations

TU Dresden
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06.12.2023 - 08.12.2023
Clara Jacobi, TUDiSC, TU Dresden

We are thrilled to extend our invitation to our upcoming conference, "Myths of Disruption: Programs, Ankündigung Narratives, and Utopias," which will take place from December 6th to 8th in Dresden, Germany.

Myths of Disruptions. Programs, Narratives and Utopias of Future Innovations

During this event, we will delve into the dynamic concept of disruption and explore the far-reaching implications of mythologies across various disciplines and fields. We will examine how these mythologies shape paradigms such as growth, progress, and the future, all while acknowledging their critique for favoring the few over the many and contributing to environmental, social, and economic instability. Join us as we explore the intricacies of disruptive innovation, radical change, and creative destruction.

We are honored to announce our keynote speakers for this conference: Kylie Crane and Adrian Daub. Kylie Crane, professor for cultural studies at University of Rostock, is a scholar in the field of ecocriticism and material cultures and delves into the fluid boundaries between nature and humanity. Adrian Daub, professor of Comparative Literature and German studies at Stanford University, offers insights into disruption from the perspectives of Silicon Valley and gender studies, stating, "Disruption has become a way to tell a story about the meaning of both discontinuity and continuity" (What Tech Calls Thinking, 2020).

Registration is now open on our website, where you can also find more information and access our preliminary program.

We look forward to your participation!


Keynote Speaker: Kylia Crane (December 6th) and Adrian Daub (December 7th)

Panel I:
Kaesling: "Myths of Creativity and Intellectual Property Law: Beyond Digital Transformations"
Project DiaDisk: "Disruptive Openness: Promises and Utopias of 'Open Science'"

Panel II:
Motyl: "When Failure Is Recoded as Disruption: How Neoliberal Myths Impede Reforms of the Academy"
Christmann, Schmidt, Ivert: "The Dual Nature of Disruption and the Necessity for a Socio-Spatial Perspective”

Panel III:
Rodriguez, Peña, Ramírez Corredor, Carbajo: "Disrupting Colonial Utopias. A Critical Examination of Historical Narratives of the Early Modern Colonization of the Mariana Islands"
Chakraborty: "Decoloniality: A Disruption in Search of an Axiom"

Panel IV:
Erhard, Jukschat: The Idea of Social Innovations. Implicit Assumptions and Analytical Potential"
Ward: "Caught up in the Logistics: An Exploration of Binaries and Categories as Methodological Containers"

Panel V:
Gamböck-Strätz: "The Flows of Everyday Life and Forcefully Subtle Instances of Disruption"
Paci: "Knowledge Economy as a Myth of Disruption: idyllic Taylorism and Drucker’s Utopian Programme"

Panel VI:
Chilton: "Deep Disagreements and Moral Progress"
Spatan, Thiele: "The Myth of the Obvious"

Panel VII:
Sailer: "The Politics of Disruptive Innovation"
Muhr: "Elusive Biomarkers: Epistemic Challenges of Using Machine Learning to Identify Hysteria/FND Based on Brain Imaging Data"

More information on the program can be found on the website:

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