Mapping the Red Sea

Forschungskolleg Transkulturelle Studien / Sammlung Perthes
Forschungskolleg Transkulturelle Studien / Sammlung Perthes, CG2 - Pagenhaus
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22.05.2024 - 24.05.2024
Dominic Keyßner, Forschungskolleg Transkulturelle Studien / Sammlung Perthes, Universität Erfurt

This workshop will explore the cartographies of the Red Sea as well as its broader surroundings in the long 19th century. Throughout these two-and-a-half days we want to discuss the respective cartographies visualizing the Red Sea, its various spatial orders, and imaginaries.

Mapping the Red Sea

Understanding the Red Sea region as a multilayered space that extends beyond the sea and its littorals, encompassing its landed surroundings, we seek to explore how maps of the Red Sea region reflect the many historical developments of the sea and its different adjacent coastal regions during the long 19th century. What were the impacts of the newly introduced steamship navigation, and how did this reshape local networks connecting the coastal areas and the hinterland? What happened during and after the construction of the Suez Canal and in how far did this change local societies’ ways of living? In how far did maps of the sea contribute to a colonial project that extended far beyond the Red Sea as such? Finally, on a different level: In how far was the Red Sea perceived as a border? Or, by contrast, in how far was is rather taken as contact zone due to the numerous possible connections for trading goods and people?


Wednesday, 22.05.2024
Suggestions on the Red Sea as a Centre of Networks since Ancient Times
18:00–19:00 / Wolbert Smidt (Hamburg/Jena)

Thursday, 23.05.2024
Maps of the Red Sea: A Selection of Maps from the Perthes Collection
9:00–12:00 / Iris Schröder (Erfurt/Gotha)

Geography and Politics Between Northeast Africa and Europe: Ego-Documents as an Approach to a Relational History of Knowledge
14:00–15:00 / Albert Feierabend / Sara Müller (Erfurt/Gotha)

Charts to Maps – August Petermann Mapping the Red Sea
15:00–16:00 / Verena Pichler (Massing)

From Shore to Ships – Maritime Exploration of Red Sea
16:30–17:30 / Tobias Mörike (Wien)

The Debarkation of King Kaleb’s Amphibious Armada at the Red Sea Coast of Yemen in 525 AD
17:30–18:30 / Yohannes Gebreselassie Shane (Erfurt/Gotha)

Friday, 24.05.2024
Being a Slave in the Coastal Areas of the Red Sea: Insights from Scattered Sources on Several Slave Biographies
9:00–10:00 / Wolbert Smidt (Hamburg/Jena)

"Die Östlichste Spitze Afrikas": The Cartography of Somaliland by Josef Menges and the Gotha Publishing House
10:00–11:00 / Andreu Martínez d'Alòs-Moner (Santiago de Compostela)

The Agency of the Populations of the Western Shores of the Red Sea in the Networks of Knowledge Dissemination in the 19th Century
11:30–12:30 / Fesseha Berhe Gebregergis (Gotha)

Wrap-Up and Final Discussion
12:30–13:15 / Felix Schürmann (Frankfurt am Main)/Iris Schröder (Erfurt/Gotha)/Wolbert Smidt (Hamburg/Jena)