Border Changes in 20th Century Europe

Border Changes in 20th Century Europe

Centre for the Study of Soviet History, University History Museum, University of Tartu, Estonia
University History Museum, Lossi St. 25, Tartu
Tartu, Estonia
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02.02.2005 - 03.02.2005
Olaf Mertelsmann

International Conference in Honor of the 85th Anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty


Wednesday, 2 February

Opening of the Conference by Mr. Arnold Rüütel, President of the Republic of Estonia
Welcome by Prof. Jaak Aviksoo, Rector of the University of Tartu
Welcome by Prof. Aadu Must, Head of Tartu Town Council

12.45 – 15.00 Session A

Prof. Thomas Lundén (Södertorn, Sweden)
Language, ethnicity and boundary changes in 20th century Europe

Prof. Eero Medijainen (Tartu)
Creating new borders: The importance of the Tartu peace treaty

Dr. Aristotle A. Kallis (Lancaster, UK)
National rebirth and territorial utopia (1914-1945): the experience of Italy, Germany and Greece

15.00 Coffee break

15.30 – 18.15 Session B

Dr. Olaf Mertelsmann (Tartu)
Disappearance of borders and incorporation into the USSR

Dr. Martin Klatt (Aabenraa, Denmark)
Re-enacting a Region - why is it so difficult to revise border changes?

Prof. Walter C. Clemens (Boston)
Why the Baltic is not the Balkans


Thursday, 3 February

9.00 – 11.15 Session C

Dr. Kurt Scharr (Innsbruck)
Development of borderlines and ‘national awakening’ at the fringes of Europe. Considering the Bukowina from 1848 to 1947 as example

Dr. Martin Moll, (Graz)
The German-Slovene border in southern Austria: From nationalist quarrels to the “bleeding wound” and a friendly co-existence

Dr. Simona Zavratnik (Primorska, Slovenia)
Shifting Schengen border southward: Sociological analysis of the newly established Slovenian-Croatian border

11.15 Coffee break

11.45 – 13.15 Session D

Dr. Tomasz Kamusella (Opole, Poland)
Unease of the Past: International Treaties and Imagining of Poland’s Post-1945 Western Border

Dr. Jerzy Kochanowski (Warsaw)
The Eastern Provinces of Poland during the “short” 20th Century: the changing of borders and memories

13.15 Lunch break

14.30 – 16.45 Session E

Prof. Aadu Must (Tartu)
Borders and the Split of Nations: The Tartu Peace Treaty and the Destiny of Russia’s Estonians

Dr. Otto Pohl (Alexandria, USA)
Forced resettlement of nationalities in the USSR during World War II

Prof. Robert Kaiser (Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Elena Nikiforova (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Cultural politics of memory: Re-imagining the Past, Reclaiming the Future in the Estonian – Russian Borderlands

16.45 Coffee break

17.15 – 19.45 Session F

Prof. Alice Freifeld (Florida)
Displaced Persons and Hungary’s Porous Borders, 1945-1948

Dr. Paul Holtom (Glamorgan, UK)
‘Not only for the Benefit of Nostalgia Tourists’: Commemorating Königsberg in Kaliningrad

Dr. Lorenzo Cañás Bottos (Dublin)
Life on-of the Irish Border

Final Discussion


Olaf Mertelsmann

University of Tartu
Lossi St. 3-409
50090 Tartu

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