10th North Atlantic Fisheries History Conference (NAFHA)

10th North Atlantic Fisheries History Conference (NAFHA)

North Atlantic Fisheries History Association; Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum (German Maritime Museum)
Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum
Vom - Bis
07.08.2006 - 11.08.2006
Ingo Heidbrink, Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum


The North Atlantic Fisheries History Association (NAFHA) and the German Maritime Museum (Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum / DSM) invite you to the upcoming

10th NAFHA Conference

to be held in Bremerhaven (Germany) between Aug. 7th and Aug. 11th 2006.

The conference will be part of the scientific programme accompanying the special exhibition Fish-Fingers at the German Maritime Museum during summer 2006.

Therefore a special focus of the conference will be on the industrialization of the fisheries and fish industry in the North-Atlantic area during the 20th century.

Other topics will be also welcome, especially those dealing with:
- Fisheries limits and conflicts
- Labour migration
- Globalization of fisheries and fish industry
- Consumer habits
- Fishermen’s religion and superstition

In addition there will be an open session for research projects in the field of fisheries history and a special session for young researchers.

Proposals for papers should be submitted by Feb. 15th 2006 at the latest and should include:
- Title of the proposed paper
- Type of paper (paper, research note, young researcher’s paper)
- Summary (max. 500 words)
- Short CV of the author
- E-mail and postal address

The presented version of the paper should last at most 25 min (15 min for the young researchers session). Selected papers will be published after the conference in a joint edition of Studia Atlan-tica and German Maritime Studies.
Conference language will be English.
Proposals will be evaluated by representatives of the NAFHA-Steering Committee and the Ger-man Maritime Museum. Successful candidates will be notified in April 2006.

Please submit proposals before Feb. 15th 2006 to the following address:

10th NAFHA Conference Bremerhaven 2006
PD Dr. Ingo Heidbrink
-German Maritime Museum-
Hans Scharoun Platz 1
D-27568 Bremerhaven

e-mail: heidbrink@dsm.de

Phone: +49 471 48207 16
Fax: +49 471 48207



Ingo Heidbrink